Wowza! Edmonton Oilers will move out two out of their Top 4 d-men, NHL insider predicts

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Which of Nurse, Bear, Klefbom or Larsson might go?

This in from NHL insider Brian Lawton, a former GM and player agent and current league commentator, his prediction to Brenden Escott of Oilers Now that Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland will move out two of Edmonton’s top four d-men, Oscar Klefbom, Adam Larsson, Darnell Nurse and/or Ethan Bear.

Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland has a “plethora of defencemen,” Lawton said. “When you look at what they have in the cupboard, a position that hasn’t been a strong point for them soon will be. So they’re going to do a little bit of what Toronto is doing and that’s projecting out and saying, ‘Could a (Evan) Bouchard or a (Philip) Broberg replace maybe somebody we’ve already got on the roster that is at full value in terms of what they’re being paid? So can we drop down from a guy that is maybe making four million and replace him with more of an entry level guy that we think has the ability to step in and give us a close, maybe not the same, but a close effectiveness?’ That will be very interesting.”

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