Winning ticket of oft-delayed Oilers 50/50 drawn Friday

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Plagued by technical issues

The draw came after multiple setbacks brought on by technical issues. Many Albertans went online the day of the raffle to complain that they could not purchase tickets.

As the day went on many people in the province, including people living within blocks of Rogers Place, said they were blocked by an error message claiming they were not in Alberta.

After the issues around purchasing tickers were resolved, many customers found they had been charged multiple times.

Ticket buyers who were charged multiple times were then given a chance to have their purchases refunded.

The company previously voided about 12,800 of 297,000 purchases. Buyers had until noon Aug. 13 to apply for refunds by forwarding duplicate confirmations to [email protected]

The foundation delayed the draw for the world-record-breaking ticket Wednesday when customers came forward saying their refunds had not been completed.

The total pot dropped by about $1-million once refunds were completed.

The delays have now caused the anticipation for the draw to last longer than the Oilers playoffs run after the team was eliminated from the NHL’s return to play after four games against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The series saw multiple raffles break records as numbers climbed with each game. The Game 3 raffle sold out of tickets, forcing the foundation to close the fundraiser.

The playoffs came after the Alberta government allowed for online raffles to take place. Previously, only those in attendance at games could purchase tickets.

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