‘We’re up against a rock and a hard place’: Edmonton city council approves rezoning of Windermere, Belvedere lots

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“We’re up against a rock and a hard place when it comes right down to it,” Van Buskirk said.

Windermere resident Rose Hohnstein said with the increased congestion, she was concerned about there being only one evacuation point at Windermere Boulevard and Terwilliger Drive.

“My question is, how much is too much?” she said. “The community as a whole … is struggling or angry. We’re frustrated, we’re fearful. This new application puts our frustrations to a whole new level.”

Council later in the meeting directed administration to look at possible solutions to the area’s traffic problems.

The rezoning of the Belvedere lots also met some opposition.

Hon Leong, a spokesman for the Fort Road Business Improvement Area and a developer in the area, said rezoning to allow for residential use didn’t make sense because of its close proximity to the LRT station. He said the city even commissioned a study on the feasibility of Station Pointe being a suitable location for people to live and that just wasn’t the case.

“The marketplace has spoken and proximity to LRT cannot overcome all other obstacles for residential development,” he said. “The community league of Belvedere has also provided letters of support for the use of (Station Pointe) as a commercial office. The BIA feels strongly that job creation in the area will stimulate this corner of the city.”

Leong said what Fort Road needs is a huge public utility or service to move in to provide an economic boost or something as simple as a library or grocery store.



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