‘We’ll rebuild it fast’: Trump surveysHurricane Laura damage and vows thathard-hit areas will be back on theirfeet soon

The revolutionary 460mph bullet-shaped
plane that costs $328 per hour to fly and
does 25 miles to the gallon as makers claim
it will make private air travel as
affordable as commercial 11 replies

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The much-anticipated Celera 500L ‘bullet’ plane which is set to revolutionize private air travel has been revealed.Developed by California-based Otto Aviation, the Celera is a six-person craft they say boasts groundbreaking fuel efficiency with eight times less consumption. Yet, it can still fly at jet speeds with a maximum cruising speed of 460 miles per hour, while having a range of more than 4,500 miles, twice that of other aircraft the same size. Powered by a RED A03 engine, the aircraft is expected to be on commercial sale by 2025 but the cost is not yet known until main production begins. Scroll down for video

‘We’ll rebuild it fast’: Trump surveys
Hurricane Laura damage and vows that
hard-hit areas will be back on their
feet soon 4 replies

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President Donald Trump got a firsthand look Saturday at the damage from Hurricane Laura as he traveled to Louisiana and then Texas to inspect the cleanup response. The president had words of encouragement for Louisiana as he said he knew the state would ‘rebuild it fast’ and praised the work of first responders and law enforcement. His stops came two days after the Category 4 storm slammed the Gulf Coast, leaving at least 14 dead and wreaking havoc with severe winds and flooding. While the storm surge has receded and the cleanup effort has begun, hundreds of thousands remain without power or water,

UAE Officially Ends Boycott On
Israel Following Peace Deal 6 replies

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The United Arab Emirates formally ended its boycott against Israeli goods on Saturday, roughly a week after signing a U.S.-brokered peace deal with the country, the Associated Press reported. UAE leadership released the decree allowing trade between the two nations on Saturday, with it also laying down a process for integrating their economies, the AP reported. President Donald trump announced the U.S. had brokered the UAE-Israel peace deal on August 13, saying it was a major step toward peace in the Middle East. UAE and Israel are among the most advanced nations in the Middle East

Unprecedented assault launched on Trump’s
three-year-old grandson story from
Ivanka’s RNC speech 14 replies

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The mainstream media’s outsized criticisms of President Donald Trump are unprecedented, but so, too, are their attacks on the president’s family.While criticism of the president’s children, including Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner can be considered legitimate since they have policy roles within the administration or have acted as a spokesperson for their father, the media have also assailed the president’s minor child, Barron. Democratic lawmakers, too. And now they’re going after his three-year-old grandson. As Ivanka spoke before introducing her president father Thursday ahead of his speech to close out the Republican National Convention, she related a story

Rand Paul Wife Kelley on ‘Bloodthirsty’ DC
Mob: ‘I Really Felt that We Were Going
to Lose Our Lives—I’m Furious that Biden
and Kamala Harris Are Not Denouncing This’ 9 replies

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On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his wife Kelley Paul discussed their confrontation with an angry mob protesting outside the White House in Washington, D.C. following the completion of the Republican National Convention.Kelley Paul recounted the emotions of that experience, saying she felt protesters endangered her life.It was absolutely terrifying,” she said. “I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I hope no one else ever has to. We felt completely powerless. Before some of the video that I think you have shown where the police with the bikes were kind of creating a moving barricade for us.

Black Assimilation Is The Great
Threat To Democrats 8 replies

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If there was one moment during the Republican convention that caused my official Daily Wire Leftist Tears Tumbler to magically overflow, it was in a speech by former Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley.“In much of the Democratic Party, it’s now fashionable to say that America is racist,” Haley said. “That is a lie. America is not a racist country.”Democrats and the media — but I repeat myself — reacted swiftly.“I’m just hung up a little bit about Nikki Haley,” said hung up ABC Anchor Linsey Davis. “A comment that she made, ‘America is not a racist country.’ I think that that’s a statement that a lot of black people,

Booker: Trump Will ‘Incite’ His Base
to Not Accept a Loss in November 34 replies

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Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) said President Donald Trump would incite his base supporters not to accept the results of the presidential election if he losses in November.Booker said, “I think he understands to some degree that he has to take extraordinary steps to try to win this election. What are those extraordinary steps? One, he’s attacked the United States Postal service. He’s attacked the whole mail-in ballot process. He’s literally gone as far to say that, if I don’t win, the election was rigged, which means that he is now, even if he loses, telling us all that he will break with a tradition that

Minneapolis: Rioter Chucks Trash Can
Lid into Back of Officer’s Head 20 replies

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A video posted to social media on Thursday shows a Black Lives Matter rioter throwing a trash can lid at a police officer’s head, knocking him to the ground.A Minneapolis police officer was struck in the head with a trashcan lid and knocked to the ground on Wednesday night during instances of “confusion, unrest, looting and damage downtown,” according to a report by Fox 9. Protests, looting, and riots have sparked in cities across the country since late May, starting in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody. Amid Black Lives Matter protests, extremist activists have repeatedly assaulted police officers, sometimes fatally.

Bongino shows video of him and wife
harassed by ‘paid, organized mob of
lunatics’ calling her ‘ho’ and ‘b**ch’ 16 replies

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Fox News contributor and leading conservative podcaster Dan Bongino and his wife were two of several people harassed by mobs of protesters as they left the White House Thursday after President Donald Trump’s speech to close out the Republican National Convention. On Friday, the former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent shared video of the incident involving a number of people he described as “BLM terrorists” harassing him and insulting his wife, Paula. “Is that your b***h wife?” one of the harassers can be heard saying a number of times. The mob also called her “b***h a**” while one said, “Ho, learn to walk in heels.”

‘Hire her as campaign manager!’ Pro-Trump
celebs can’t gush enough about Monique’s
‘he don’t need us’ message 2 replies

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Though only a meager eight percent of black voters chose President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election four years ago, he’s been outspoken in his support for this community throughout his time in office. Why is that? According to Monique Worthy, a former 2020 Republican congressional candidate for Texas’s 13th Congressional District, it’s because “he legitimately cares. Listen (*Language warning):(Tweet/Video) The video above has gone uber viral among conservatives, including among the likes of Hollywood actors such as James Woods, Kirstie Alley and Kirstie Swanson. Look:(Tweet/Video)

Judge Allows Sarah Palin’s Defamation
Lawsuit Against New York Times to Proceed 10 replies

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U.S. Judge Jed S. Rakoff, a Bill Clinton appointee, allowed Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit against the New York Times to proceed, saying that a jury should decide whether editorial page editor James Bennet acted with “actual malice” in writing that Palin was responsible for “political incitement” that led to the mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona, in January 2011.The Times published the editorial in the wake of a June 2017 mass shooting by a deranged leftist who targeted Republican members of Congress at their baseball practice. The Tuscon shooter was mentally disturbed; accusations against Palin had long since been disproved.

Fusion GPS Leader Bragged in 2019 Book
About Planting False Attacks Against Devin
Nunes in Local Newspaper 4 replies

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House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was the target of opposition research hits that a local newspaper, owned by a broader national chain, dutifully reprinted on behalf of Fusion GPS without disclosing to its readers the questionable source of the information.The Fresno Bee published a story in the leadup to the 2018 midterm elections, in late May 2018, that claimed in its salacious headline that Nunes was associated with cocaine and prostitutes at a yacht party. “A yacht, cocaine, prostitutes: Winery partly owned by Nunes sued after fundraiser event,”