Wednesday’s letters: Revoke city mask exemption cards

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I think exploration into what these visibly absent MPs have been up to since March/April would be most enlightening.

Tessa Schuhbauer, Edmonton

Public health trumps personal liberties

The anti-mask movement is based on the belief that no one has the right to restrict citizens’ liberties, no matter what the reasons are (medical or personal). I then wonder if smokers are going to be the next group to protest to gain back their right to smoke wherever they want and have these restrictions rescinded. There is a cost to have smokers go outside rather than smoke at their workplace as well. Are business efficiencies more important than any public-health issues?

I’m sure there are inconclusive studies somewhere that second-hand smoke is not harmful to back up their view (doubting the medical community seems to be the norm here). Perhaps we should give the medical community a little more respect when these medical decisions are made. Wearing masks is a health issue, not a personal one.

The greater good (the benefit of the public, of more people than oneself; that which is better and more correct) should be the focus at this trying time.

Gregory Thompson, Edmonton

Forcing masks on kids is futile

It is incredibly disappointing to see this government and Dr. Hinshaw cave to group-think; in failing to fully educate the public on the real risks of COVID-19 (in terms of children being the lowest risk group, and the futility of forcing masks on kids, including socio-behavioral problems it can create) they have, in effect, fettered their discretion.

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