Tuesday’s letters: Open community spaces to returning students

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The cavalry sure isn’t coming to rescue us from COVID-19, so let’s prevent another lockdown, do our darndest to keep our kids in school learning, and keep our city safe and running.

Jillian Buriak, Edmonton

Open a few schools first

Whatever back-to-school plan is used, no one will know if it is the correct plan until it is given a try.

My suggestion is to select six schools, two each of elementary, junior high and senior high. Operate these according to the current plan. Two or three weeks should be a good trial period. Monitor the result. If a significant number of virus cases show up, then you will know you made the wrong plan. No major change means all systems go. Doing this will give the information needed to make decisions going forward.

The big plus here is you get your information before you expose the entire school population.

Jim Wood, Edmonton

Breaks for oil firms; cuts for the rest

The UCP is destroying our health care and our financial future. Every day we hear that more doctors and anesthetists are leaving for other provinces. This will mean longer waits to see a doctor and for surgery. Klein’s health cutbacks in 1994 resulted in many nurses leaving Alberta and not coming back. This resulted in a shortage of nurses, and consequently having to pay the remaining nurses more.

Premier Kenney gave a $4.7-billion tax cut to corporations which they took and reinvested in other places. Then he gave $1.5 billion and a $6-billion loan guarantee to TC Energy for the Keystone XL Pipeline project. That pipeline will never be built and the money Kenney gave away will all be lost when Biden wins.

How come Kenney has given billions to the oil companies, who can’t be trusted, but only cutbacks and belt-tightening for the rest of us? How come the UCP isn’t listening to ordinary Albertans?

Ken Zinyk, Edmonton

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