Tish James’ endless anti-Trumpsuits betray the AG’s mission

Tish James’ endless anti-Trump
suits betray the AG’s mission 0 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/23/2020 4:34:57 AM Post Reply

As the chief legal officers of our states, attorneys general possess a tremendous power to shape public opinion and make official decisions that can affect the outcomes of cases. Regardless of party affiliation, when it comes to exercising the prosecutorial function of our offices, there are certain rules that every attorney general agrees to — and certain lines that should never be crossed. We should never weaponize our office for political gain, regardless of the situation, even when the sitting president of the United States is a citizen of the state we serve. Unfortunately, some of my colleagues across the aisle have done just that.

Democrats’ terrible bluff on the Supreme Court 0 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/23/2020 4:30:09 AM Post Reply

At the end of the 16th century, the advancing age of Queen Elizabeth I posed a throne-shakingly serious problem for England’s future. Her reign had been largely peaceful and notably prosperous, and would be looked back upon as a golden age by future generations. However, since she had no children, it was not certain who would succeed her — and rival claims to the throne had previously led to a ruinous civil war that only ended with the accession of Elizabeth’s grandfather, Henry VII. Anxiety that history could repeat itself was widespread, and can still be read between the lines of plays like Henry V and Hamlet that Shakespeare

House passes short-term spending
bill to avoid government shutdown 0 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/23/2020 4:26:57 AM Post Reply

The House approved late Tuesday night, in a 359-57-1 vote, a stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not vote yes or no, but “present.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced earlier Tuesday that Democrats had reached a deal with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to avert a government shutdown and fund the government with a continuing resolution through Dec. 11.

Costco removes popular cheese
after Black Lives Matter controversy 0 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/23/2020 4:17:27 AM Post Reply

Costco has stopped carrying products from a pimento cheese brand owned by a South Carolina mayor who called the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements “terror organizations.” Brian Henry, the mayor of Pawleys Island and owner of Palmetto Cheese, told the Georgetown Times that the company’s products were being pulled “as a matter of normal business” and that the wholesale retailer rotates items in and out regularly. “We remain optimistic that Palmetto Cheese will be back on the shelves in the not-too-distant future,” Henry told the Times.

Joe Biden Botches Pledge
Of Allegiance In Wisconsin 20 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/22/2020 4:10:37 AM Post Reply

2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden screwed up the Pledge of Allegiance Monday during a campaign speech in Wisconsin. “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real,” Biden said. Here is the accurate text of the pledge: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

FDR’s Court-Packing Attempt 10 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/22/2020 4:06:33 AM Post Reply

A brouhaha has erupted over President Donald Trump’s decision to forward a Supreme Court justice nominee to the Senate for confirmation. Democrats have threatened to pack the court if Democrats capture both the White House and the Senate in November. This would be the second such attempt in that past century. Eight decades ago, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to pack the Supreme Court in retaliation for justices unanimously finding many of his programs unconstitutional. When Roosevelt was elected president in 1932, he was joined by a super-majority of Democrats in each chamber of Congress.

The Covid-19 Election 1 reply

Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2020 4:35:23 AM Post Reply

Three elections ago — all the way back in 2008 — Joe Biden talked a lot about “kitchen table issues,” the questions that faced American families that were so important that they talked about them around the kitchen table. They are the questions, Biden told us, that decide presidential elections. The 2020 election presents us with the mother of all kitchen table issues, the Covid-19 pandemic, because it directly affects everyone’s lives. How much danger do we have of getting the disease or even dying from it? Does dad or mom — or both — still have a job? If not, how can we pay our bills?

Emmys 2020 recap: The best and worst
moments from this year’s unusual show 8 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2020 4:32:36 AM Post Reply

The 2020 Emmys gave host Jimmy Kimmel and presenters an unusual challenge. Thanks to the pandemic, the ceremony had to proceed with none of the usual pomp and circumstance of a live audience. Here’s a breakdown of what worked — and what flubbed — during the 72nd Emmy Awards. Best: The screen room Host Jimmy Kimmel, 52, opened the ceremony by delivering his monologue to an apparently full audience sans masks or social distancing that confused viewers at home. However, he soon revealed it was old footage (with the real audience being a mix of empty chairs and cardboard cutouts),

Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering
mail after multiple employees shot on the job 8 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2020 4:26:22 AM Post Reply

United States Postal workers who deliver mail in some of Chicago’s more violent neighborhoods are threatening to halt their services after a mail carrier was shot in the city’s South Side earlier this month. The carrier, a 24-year-old woman, was left critically and injured after being shot multiple times at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue while delivering mail on September 10. Police said the worker did not appear to be the target and had been caught in the crossfire during a drive-by. Chicago’s WSL-TV reported that she was the second mail carrier wounded by gunfire on that route. Another mail carrier, also caught in the middle of gunfire,

Pelosi confuses some during
interview on SCOTUS fight 27 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2020 4:21:46 AM Post Reply

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi left some viewers scratching their heads after what seemed like a brief communication issue during a Sunday morning news show. During an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked whether she and House Democrats would move to impeach President Trump in an effort to stop his U.S. Supreme Court pick from being confirmed to the bench — following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country,” Pelosi said.

Nancy Pelosi’s Reign of Error 10 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/20/2020 5:06:23 AM Post Reply

Nancy Pelosi made news late last month, and not in a good way. She was caught on a security camera having her hair done at a San Francisco salon that has been closed to the public during the coronavirus lockdown. When confronted with the footage, she did not apologize for the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do impression, but rather expressed outrage at the salon owner for setting her up. If you have followed Pelosi’s career over the past 15 or so years, the whole affair was hardly a surprise. Pelosi is one of the most unpopular figures in the last decade of American politics. According to RealClearPolitics, her average favorability rating stands at just 38%,

The GOP Senate Damn Well Better
Confirm Whoever POTUS Appoints 26 replies

Posted by MissMolly 9/20/2020 4:57:12 AM Post Reply

Perhaps it is glib to observe that, at the end of the day, Republicans should confirm a replacement for Justice Ginsburg because they can confirm a replacement for Justice Ginsburg, but there is a lot of truth to that observation. They can do it because the president has the power under the Constitution to appoint a nominee (I expect it to be Amy Coney Barrett, but Barbara Lagoa is a possibility and a great one), plus because the Senate has the power under the Constitution to confirm said nominee. And they better do it, because the Democrats intend to crush us



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