Ticket issued against Edmonton man at May COVID-19 rally withdrawn

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JCCF said Wednesday the ticket has now been withdrawn by prosecutors. JCCF lawyer James Kitchen said the ticket being dropped was a sign the system was working but warned the fact it was issued in the first place has a chilling effect on free speech.

“Are these people going to be just as willing to go out and exercise their rights to free expression and peaceful assembly? No, they are going to be scared of police,” said Kitchen. “In a free society, people are only scared of police when they are breaking the law, not when they’re exercising their constitutional freedoms.”

Kitchen said there has never been an explanation as to why Teichroew was ticketed.

“He’s the strangest one in the sense that the other two targeted both had bull horns and were talking,” said Kitchen. “Mr. Teichroew, he was off to the side walking around, merely listening. I’m scratching my head as to why in the world he was targeted.”

Kitchen said Teichroew has now submitted a complaint against the sheriffs who ticketed him. The complaint argues Teichroew’s arrest was egregious, breached the Sheriff’s Code of Conduct and warrants formal discipline.

He said he hopes the complaint will bring a form of accountability to the sheriffs actions.

“It’s not just accountability about egregious conduct. Hopefully stuff like this will result in in these law enforcement officers having a better understanding of these fundamental freedoms and how to respect them,” said Kitchen.




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