Thursday’s letters: Small-town residents need mask rules too

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By refusing to take minimum steps to protect the public, reckless town councils are not only endangering their own citizens, but also neighbouring communities, as people travel the province.

May the good Lord protect us. Because town council refuses.

Geoffrey Pounder, Rocky Mountain House

Numbers training aids critical thinking

Re. “Critical thinking an essential skill,” Aug. 28

Kudos to Tom Long for his clear and concise statement advocating a liberal arts education over training a workforce to read and do numbers at rudimentary levels.

Media literacy and critical thinking, writes Mr. Long, are more essential than math, and I find it hard to disagree. I can say, however, that one of the best classes I took was a statistics course during the outstanding liberal arts education I received at what was then Augustana University College (now Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta). Dr. Olsen helped me understand that even though my math mind had evaporated as it does with many girls sometime in Grade 11, I could do statistics. From Dr. Olsen, I learned to be skeptical of the presentation of statistical numbers because these very numbers are frequently fudged six ways from Sunday.

I’ve spent a lot of time in school, and I am eternally grateful to all my teachers for helping me gain the confidence and critical thinking skills I need to read and write with curiosity, deep thought, and an open and judicious mind.

Naomi McIlwraith, Edmonton


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