Thursday’s letters: Knowing how to swim isn’t enough

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Then, the corners are very tight, especially for longer units. Then, the dumping receptacle is on the wrong side. Then, when you want to rinse either your hose or the ground, there’s no water.

Who is the genius who designed this? For a city this size we need to do better; it’s embarrassing.

Harv Hislop,Edmonton

Look closer at COVID numbers

I’m not an anti-mask, anti-government, Bill Gates-wants-my-money-and-to-chip-me type of guy, but I am someone who likes numbers. So for the daily briefing on COVID related deaths, I’ve been paying close attention to who is dying, not just the number of people and although the government is making it very difficult to find the numbers, the stats are very telling.

As of Aug. 4, of the 7,066 deaths in Canada, 95 per cent have been in long-term care or seniors homes and three per cent have been in hospitals (meaning underlying conditions). That leaves one per cent of deaths for the rest of the population. At what point does it become irresponsible reporting to keep hyping the danger to the general public?

The simple solution should be to isolate those in high risk and let the rest of the population live life, spreading the virus faster, thus making it safer quicker for the entire population. My 93-year-old grandmother died in November and if she were still here, I can hear her say, “if i die now, don’t let them tell you it was from COVID, it’s from old age.”

But I guess seeing the NDP on the nightly news making the public feel it’s unsafe to send your kids to school sells more newspapers and TV ads.

Rob Fediuk, Edmonton


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