Three to See: the Free Wall, Tanyss Nixi and John Lewis: Good Trouble

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Three to See is back, and like everything under pandemic reality, it’s a little different, ever shifting, and trying hard. There are various government-mandated capacity limits on performances, indoor and out — spread-out audiences at concerts are capped at 100, for example — which means you should call venues ahead of time to see if they’ve filled up and/or fulfill your personal safety comfort levels. We’ll also be keeping budgets in mind, which means we’ll be recommending things like public art. And speaking of which …

The ever-evolving Free Wall: Given all the fine weather we’ve been having, this is a fantastic option as you walk or wheel around the city, and the work has been changing up quickly lately. If you’re not familiar with the overall concept, the city allows this single wall along the LRT tracks as a street artist creative lab, and holy is it ever on fire with talent right now — including some of the best examples of writing I’ve ever seen in the city, and a beautiful monochrome stencil of a bear. Do yourself a favour and flip by this place often, there are colours and linework happening here that are seriously next level. More free walls, please!


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