The succulent kebab combo meal at Shiraz Market never disappoints

The beef koobideh and chicken kebab combo at Shiraz Market in Longwood is easily one my favorite meals in town. The meats couldn’t be more succulent, and the accompanying heap of steaming saffron rice is unreal. (Iranians have refined the art of rice-making – just watch the tahdig episode of Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix if you need proof.) A grilled plum tomato and onions completes the meal. In the span of a year, I’ll probably eat this combo 20-25 times. Oh, did I mention it only costs $9.99?

Be sure to squeeze a little lime and sprinkle a good amount of sumac over the rice and meat. (And it’s sumac, folks, not paprika.) While you wait for your meal, peruse the market and find something new to take home with you. I always leave with something – pickled cornichons, sesame snacks, faloodeh, pistachio ice cream, sour plums, apple tea. The finds are plenty, but if you feel intimidated, owner Nas Rajabi and his family are there to help.

(Shiraz Market, 185 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood, 407-951-8084,


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