The mob are turning into Trump’s useful idiots

The mob are turning
into Trump’s useful idiots 2 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/25/2020 11:21:36 AM Post Reply

Protesters have been setting fire to yet another American city today to tell us that black lives matter. This latest eruption is in response to a disturbing video that shows a black man being shot repeatedly in the back by police as he reaches into his car in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The man in question is called Jacob Blake. He is reported to be in a serious condition, but still alive in hospital this morning. An investigation into the shooting is taking place, but the mob smashing up Kenosha doesn’t care about that — it cares about rage and destruction.

The search for collusion 2 replies

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Byron York’s new book, Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump, will be published Sept. 8. An account of the long effort to remove President Trump from office, from the roots of the Mueller investigation through the impeachment acquittal, the book includes interviews, documents, and accounts that have never been seen before. (Snip)From Obsession: Trump and his team began the Mueller investigation by believing that 1) they could build a good working relationship with Mueller and 2) it would be all over by the end of 2017, just six months away. “The president wanted it over yesterday,” recalled Michael Bowe. “I believe he felt like any client wrongly accused:

‘An enormous ditch’: Republicans turn
to Charlie Kirk, Trump family confidant,
to close yawning youth voter gap 7 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/24/2020 4:49:16 PM Post Reply

He attacked Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Jill Biden. He went after Chicago’s mayor, the mainstream media, and Black Lives Matter. And he accused former President Barack Obama of lying and said he should be “under investigation for treason—NOT speaking at a political convention.” As the Democratic National Convention unfolded online last week, Charlie Kirk’s Twitter feed looked a lot like President Donald Trump’s. Now, the 26-year-old conservative darling will take his message from Twitter to the (virtual) big stage at the Republican National Convention. Kirk is a Trump family confidant and the head of Turning Point USA, which is devoted to attracting and energizing young voters.

The Things Not Said: What
Do Democrats Have to Hide? 7 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/24/2020 2:12:00 PM Post Reply

In the case of the Democrats, a kind of poetic justice was achieved last week when a virtual convention nominated a virtual candidate for what promises to be a virtual presidency. COVID-19 made both major parties opt for political conventions that don’t put delegates and others at risk with large in-person gatherings, but for Democrats, lessening the risk of disease also meant lessening the risk of the public finding out that there is less than meets the eye to Joe Biden and his candidacy.What was obvious from start to finish was that a pre-recorded, pre-scripted, pre-ordained infomercial gave Democrats the perfect opportunity to divert the attention of America away

Kamala Harris Won’t
Motivate Minority Voters 9 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/21/2020 6:16:49 AM Post Reply

Now that the Democrats have finally finished inflicting their excruciating “virtual convention” on us, it’s useful to consider what they inadvertently revealed about their biggest worry as the November election looms. Nowhere was that angst more obvious than in Wednesday’s soporific speech by Kamala Harris accepting the party’s vice presidential nomination. She began by invoking 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, failing to mention that it was passed and shepherded through the ratification process by the Republican Party, then segued to a desperate plea: “It’s not about Joe or me.… It’s about you … and getting out the vote.” Translation: “The Biden presidential campaign suffers from a deadly enthusiasm deficit.”

Michelle Obama, America’s Most
Pampered Princess 26 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/20/2020 12:23:15 PM Post Reply

Michelle Obama’s prerecorded speech for the first night of the Democratic convention was praised effusively and automatically by the “news” media. Because the media see it as their job to praise everything Michelle Obama does with overwhelming enthusiasm. Please try this imaginative exercise: When has a “news” professional ever asked Michelle Obama a challenging question? When has she ever been portrayed as anything less than Barack Obama’s “not-so-secret weapon”? If you want to smell a whiff of authoritarianism in America, it feels almost illegal to speak one discouraging word about the first black first lady. Michelle Obama is America’s most pampered princess, the most spoiled figure in our modern political history.

Savannah Guthrie Throws Cold
Water on Chuck Todd’s ‘Road
to 270′ Map for Biden 20 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/20/2020 11:52:23 AM Post Reply

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd was happy to have his interactive map back during his coverage of the DNC convention Tuesday night. And, he was smiling ear to ear as he explained how Joe Biden has an easy “Path to 270” in the November election. “Right now, we would have Biden already with a win,” Todd said. “He’s got a 10-point lead nationally, and right now we have some of these big battleground states.” Todd pointed at Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as all “lean Biden,” meaning he has at least a 5-point lead in each state.

The Post Office Conspiracy
Is First Class Stupidity 7 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/20/2020 11:33:25 AM Post Reply

If you believe the mainstream media, Donald Trump is involved in a nefarious scheme to somehow make the USPS into something inefficient and incompetent, which comes close on the heels of his plot to make the sun start setting in the West. If that’s his plan, he already pulled it off decades before he first hit the cover of the New York Post. We conservatives think the president has done a lot of great stuff since humiliating Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit in 2016, but not even the most hardcore Trump Train engineer would go as far as Trump’s frothy pie-holed critics

‘Black Lives Don’t Matter To
To Democrats’:GOP Candidate Releases
Viral Ad Crushing Dems 15 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/18/2020 1:43:32 PM Post Reply

On Monday, Republican strategist and congressional GOP candidate Kimberly Klacik released an ad slamming Democrats for their apparently fake concern for black lives, highlighting the devastation in Democrat-run cities, particularly Baltimore. Klacik is the Republican nominee running for the seat of late Congressman Elijah Cummings in Maryland’s ninth district.“Democrats don’t want you to see this,” Klacik captioned the ad, which was viewed over 700,000 times in three hours. “They’re scared that I’m exposing what life is like in Democrat-run cities. That’s why I’m running for Congress. Because All Black Lives Matter. Baltimore Matters. And black people don’t have to vote Democrat.”

Will the Dam Break After
Clinesmith’s Plea? 15 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/18/2020 9:57:07 AM Post Reply

News reports have downplayed the significance of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith’s guilty plea, acknowledging he altered an official document in the government’s Trump-Russia collusion probe. There has been some coverage, mainly because it is so rare to see FBI agents charged with a felony and because it is the first tangible result of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s sprawling investigation of the investigators. But mainstream news outlets have minimized its importance. It’s only one count, they say, and it deals with a relatively minor crime by a mid-level figure. That’s spin, and it’s wrong.

Stolen Mailboxes? Don’t Fall for
Dems’ Latest Conspiracy Theory 4 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/18/2020 9:52:46 AM Post Reply

Democrats and the media are meddling in our elections again. But this is getting absurd. Joe Biden peddles fake stories of “tractor trailers picking up mailboxes.” Members of Congress threaten to throw the postmaster general in jail. Soviet-style propaganda posters of mailboxes propagate on social media. Prominent Democrats share grainy photos tweeted by has-been actresses with crackpot theories of MAGA-hat wearing postmen out to steal the election.Never mind every major Postal Service union has endorsed Biden, including the American Postal Workers Union and the National Association of Letter Carriers, which together represent 520,000 active and retired USPS employees. The APWU recently said 2020 is “shaping up to be a major election

Despite the guilty plea,
Democrats still denounce this
‘investigation of investigators’ 3 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/16/2020 10:02:22 AM Post Reply

“Gosh almighty.” Those words from former Vice President Joe Biden sum up plenty about the announced criminal plea by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. Of course, Biden was not referring to the implications of the FBI lawyer who lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court for the efforts to continue the surveillance of an adviser to the campaign of Donald Trump. Nor was he referring to growing evidence that the Russia investigation was launched based on false and flawed evidence. Biden was referring to the federal investigation by United States Attorney John Durham that led to the criminal plea by Clinesmith. Like most other Democrats, Biden previously denounced the investigation


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