The Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse

The Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse 0 replies

Posted by Judy W. 9/1/2020 6:43:59 AM Post Reply

On August 27th, prosecutors in Kenosha County filed six charges against Kyle Rittenhouse which read as follows:
1. First degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
2. First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon
3. First degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
4. Attempt first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
5. First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon
6. Possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.
(Snip) The story of Kyle Rittenhouse is more than a gripping piece of news, it is a telling philosophical Rorschach test.

A Simple Lesson in Home Learning 13 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/31/2020 10:05:20 AM Post Reply

Full Disclosure: I possess three degrees in Education, including a Ph.D. But it doesn’t take degrees in education, or any field for that matter, to know the difference between right and wrong. Now that I am homeschooling two elementary-school-aged family members (who are not my children) as their schools and surrounding districts have chosen to be locked down for no health-related reason, I have had a chance to see inside their Central-Ohio elementary school dynamic and watch their teachers in action, within an online environment. With just one week, I have witnessed the full-blown absence of formal instruction and the dumbing down of academic content.

The door-to-door army that
helped Trump win in 2016
is ready for battle 8 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/30/2020 1:37:48 PM Post Reply

On Nov. 9, 2016, Rick Potter was driving to the airport, having spent the last two weeks in Western Pennsylvania campaigning for Donald Trump, when his phone rang. Jerry Morgan, a longtime Republican grassroots strategist, was on the line. “Potter, I’m glad I caught you,” he said. “I’ve been up all night long, analyzing the results from Pennsylvania. We won by less than 1 percent — 40,000 votes. I’m absolutely convinced if the Mighty American Strike Force had not been here for the past 15 days Trump would not have carried Pennsylvania. (Snip) In 2000, Potter started out as a volunteer for the Mighty American Strike Force, a conservative get-out-the-vote operation,

Is Feudalism Our Future? 12 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/30/2020 5:21:04 AM Post Reply

It’s increasingly clear that one-party polities are corrupt, badly managed and serve the interests only of those at the top and their courtiers. I think that if Biden and Harris win, the entire country will devolve to a kingdom of state and regional duchies composed of often semi-hereditary rulers in the pay of the rich, donor class, the clerisy (media scribblers, complaisant judicial appointees and academic rent seekers who promote favored policies and shut out the dissenters), an impoverished, smaller, and powerless middle class and a vast layer of muzzled, docile poor serfs. They will rule by fiat

The White House and DC last night:
A Contrast between Law and Lawlessness 3 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/28/2020 1:59:06 PM Post Reply

Last night I was privileged to attend the final night of the Republican National Convention as a guest sitting on the South Lawn of the White House. (Snip) I was part of the Maryland delegation who had met for dinner at the Williard hotel across the street from the White House. We were told that the Maryland Republican Party had hired armed security guards to walk us across the street to the White House grounds. I said that I was glad to have the guards since I could hear the screaming mob but was deeply offended that it was necessary to be under armed guard to cross a street in

The DNC Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacity 15 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/23/2020 5:23:06 AM Post Reply

There are many things likely to change after the COVID scare nearly decimated this country with overbearing Democrat governor lockdown mandates and trillions in wasted resources. (Snip) But this week, it’s obvious COVID has dealt a major blow to the already archaic national U.S. political conventions. I can’t say the DNC online Zoom convention was utterly boring, although viewership declined substantially day by day and didn’t start at a high level anyway. The Weird Selections There were some bizarre inclusions in the programing. (Too many to name them all.) There was, as Don Surber notes, Donna Hylton: ITEM 9: Fox reported, “Donna Hylton was known as inmate #86G0206 for 27 years.

Emotional breakdowns after Trump ads
appear on the Washington Post’s website 13 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/21/2020 9:30:19 AM Post Reply

Democracy died a little this week after the Washington Post allowed pro-President Trump campaign ads to appear on its website, according to distraught members of the press. “THE RADICAL LEFTIST TAKEOVER OF JOE BIDEN IS COMPLETE,” read the big, splashy Trump 2020 advertisements that appeared Thursday morning on the Washington Post’s website. A small caption at the bottom of the ads notes, “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President.” The deeply aggrieved reaction from certain reporters and journalism professors was swift. “What a completely horrible error of judgement,” tweeted Columbia Journalism School’s Emily Bell.

There’s a reason that Netflix
is sexualizing young girls 13 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/21/2020 7:25:01 AM Post Reply

Thursday was a bad day for Netflix, one of the largest video content providers in the world, as well as being a left-leaning organization that partners with the Obamas and other well-known Democrats. Thursday was the day when thousands of people got upset that Netflix was screening and promoting a new French film about tweens twerking as a form of liberation.
The obvious problem, of course, is that what Netflix did is catnip for pedophiles. (Snip) Beyond the obvious, Netflix’s terrible decision points to a more serious problem in Western culture, which is that sexualizing children is a precursor of state control over the individual.

In the Muslim world, the push
is on to normalize ties with Israel 8 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/19/2020 8:53:02 AM Post Reply

Osama bin Laden, a bad man who still understood the Arab and Muslim mind, said, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.” In slightly more than three-and-a-half years, Donald Trump has turned the United States-Israel alliance into a strong horse. That’s why the UAE made official its relationship with Israel, and that’s why other Arab and Muslim nations are signaling that they will follow.

I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s
How Your Children Are Getting
Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology. 18 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/17/2020 6:54:03 AM Post Reply

Your children are being indoctrinated. The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda. (Snip)
I worked with kids from ages 3 to 13 and saw the brainwashing that exists at all levels of education. The left uses a combination of propaganda and suppression to push kids into the ensnaring grip of socialism and anti-patriotism.
First is the propaganda. Teachers will assign work instilling the idea that the pillars of Western civilization were evil, and their memories deserve to be thrown in the trash.

Some Matters Domestic and Foreign 8 replies

Posted by Judy W. 8/16/2020 7:06:46 AM Post Reply

Attorney General William Barr earlier this week signaled that there would be a development in the ongoing Durham investigation into official misconduct relating to the Russiagate confection. Friday, that came true with news that attorney Kevin Clinesmith, formerly with the FBI, was going to plead guilty to one count of feloniously altering an email from the CIA in order to support an application for a FISA warrant that permitted the government to spy in Carter Page. Page had for years provided information to the CIA about his contacts with Russian officials. In CIA jargon, he was known as an operational contact — someone who agrees to be debriefed

A huge triumph for Israel,
Bibi — and Trump 1 reply

Posted by Judy W. 8/15/2020 12:53:01 PM Post Reply

President Trump just brokered the most important Middle East deal in years: a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The announcement was made Thursday by Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. Dubbed the Abraham Accord, it puts the two nations on the road to full normalization of ties — a first for the Jewish state and a Gulf Arab nation. They’ll sign agreements on issues, including investment, tourism, technology and culture. And Israel will have to ditch plans to annex certain areas in the West Bank. “Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty” over areas in Trump’s peace plan


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