Tenet arrives right on time for Princess Theatre as Calgary’s Plaza closes

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John David Washington stars in Tenet. Photo by supplied

Though slightly soulless and impersonal as all modern blockbusters tend to be, Nolan’s central concept of time running backwards in Tenet is extremely cool, especially paying off as John David Washington’s protagonist starts running (and punching) his way into earlier moments in the film in reverse.

My tall female and short male friends were each also very excited to see Elizabeth Debicki play that rare female co-star clearly towering above all the dudes around her. It’s the little — and not-so-little — things, you know?

The film’s on-screen opening scene in a crowded auditorium, dangerous for reasons other than simple human contact, also summoned its own very modern, accidental tension.

We were all really glad we went, and may even go again, just to hear Ludwig Goransson’s amazing score — he also made the music for The Mandalorian and Black Panther (RIP, Chadwick Boseman) — and to figure out exactly what the hell actually happened in the movie.

But I think this one is supposed to be watched several times — perhaps including backwards — and it’s absolutely set up for a sequel … or would that be prequel?

But in the spirit of Tenet, let Brar repeat here: “The Princess is running a lot stronger, it just doesn’t make sense to close it. And now we have Princess I and II (downstairs) open, and we’re open all week.” This he means instead of just on the weekend.

Also a new release, The Personal History of David Copperfield is currently playing downstairs at Princess II, 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday, with extra showings on the weekend — princesstheatre.ca has all the info.

“If someone would like to take over our lease,” Brar adds, “great, actually. My father’s been in this business for 40 years. I think it’s fair to say he deserves to take a break now,” he laughs. “But we’ll keep the theatre going in the meantime.”

Asked if he wishes Hollywood would release more of the delayed films it’s holding on to, Brar says, “It’s any movie theatre’s dream to hear there’s a lot more stuff coming through. I’m sure as hell not surprised.

“But we’re just a little theatre — if it’s best for the theatre we’ll play it.”





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