Taiwan toddler entangled in kite tail goes airborne at festival, video shows

Taiwan toddler entangled in kite tail
goes airborne at festival,
video shows 0 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 8/30/2020 10:15:21 PM Post Reply

A toddler was caught in the strings of a kite and swept several feet into the air over the heads of panicked adults at a festival in Taiwan on Sunday. The 3-year-old girl was taking part in the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival in the seaside town of Nanlioao when she became entangled with the long tail of a giant orange kite. Gusty winds whisked the girl into the air and violently whipped her around above a crowd of screaming adults, according to video from the scene. The unidentified girl remained in the air, rising and falling with

Singapore man admits being
Chinese spy in US 1 reply

Posted by Ketchuplover 7/25/2020 9:48:07 PM Post Reply

A Singaporean man has pleaded guilty in the US to working as an agent of China, the latest incident in a growing stand-off between Washington and Beijing. Jun Wei Yeo was charged with using his political consultancy in America as a front to collect information for Chinese intelligence, US officials say. Separately, the US said a Chinese researcher accused of hiding her ties to China’s military was detained.(snip) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the decision was taken because China was “stealing” intellectual property. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded by saying that the US

Believers for Biden? 5 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 7/19/2020 1:06:31 AM Post Reply

As the party of secularism, the Democrats often invoke the separation of religion from politics, only changing their tune during election seasons when they combine the two in an attempt to con the faithful. Democrats suddenly turn up at churches and even mount pulpits to claim that faith undergirds their left-wing politics. (snip) ‘The guy does pastoral care better than most of my (divinity) school classmates,’ he quipped.” Of course, Biden is not too pastoral to support partial-birth abortion and the like. Nor is he too pastoral to vow to resume the persecution of the Little Sisters of

Trump has been right about
China for years 6 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 7/18/2020 11:03:01 PM Post Reply

Back in the summer of 2015, all the cleverest people made fun of Donald Trump for obsessing about China. One of them even made a video compilation of the candidate saying ‘China’ over and over again on the hustings. Ha ha ha. It seems distinctly less funny now. (snip) Just on Thursday, it was reported that poor Christians in China in must replace religious symbols in their houses with portraits of Mao and President Xi in order to receive welfare payments. ‘These are the greatest gods,’ a Chinese officials said. ‘If you want to worship somebody, they are the ones.’

As city violence surges,
liberal mayors engage in social
media feuds with Trump officials 4 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 7/18/2020 10:48:16 PM Post Reply

As violence and unrest surge in major cities across the U.S., liberal mayors are taking a combative stance toward the Trump administration and offers of federal help — engaging in sometimes-feisty social media feuds with officials. And the vitriol is flowing in both directions. “Hey Karen. Watch your mouth,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted Thursday in response to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who described her as the “derelict mayor” of the city because of the surge in violence there.
That tweet came the same evening as three people, including a 5-month-old baby boy, were shot in Chicago.

Trump congratulates Boebert for
win in Colorado primary 4 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 7/1/2020 1:51:06 AM Post Reply

President Trump congratulated Lauren Boebert late Tuesday night after the pro-gun businesswoman defeated Rep. Scott Tipton, who represented his Colorado district for five terms in Congress. “Congratulations on a really great win!” Trump tweeted. Trump’s tweet linked to a post from her Twitter account from back in May where she described herself as a tough fighter against socialism and advocate for the Second Amendment. “I refuse to send my children into a socialist nation,” the mother of 4 said. “Their freedom IS my motivator! Threaten the liberty of Americans, and I’ll be there to hold you accountable!

Bill Cosby appeal will test scope of
#MeToo prosecutions 9 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/23/2020 2:58:05 PM Post Reply

Philadelphia – In a stunning decision that could test the legal framework of #MeToo cases, Pennsylvania’s highest court will review the trial decision to let five other accusers testify at Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial in 2018, which ended with his conviction. Cosby, 82, has been imprisoned in suburban Philadelphia for nearly two years (snip) Spokesman Andrew Wyatt on Tuesday said “As we have all stated, the false conviction of Bill Cosby is so much bigger than him — it’s about the destruction of ALL Black people and people of color in America,” Wyatt said in a statement.

Ghana Minister Invites African-Americans
to Re-settle in Africa If They
Feel Unwanted in the U.S. 32 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/16/2020 12:47:39 PM Post Reply

The debate about race following the killing of George Floyd has reverberated across the Atlantic Ocean, spurring the tourism minister of Ghana to appeal to its diaspora, including in the U.S., to “leave where you are not wanted,” and return home. (snip) “We continue to open our arms and invite all our brothers and sisters home. Ghana is your home. Africa is your home. We have our arms wide open ready to welcome you home. “Please take advantage, come home, build a life in Ghana. You do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever, you have a

HBO Max pulls ‘Gone With the Wind,’
says it will return with statement
on race 24 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/10/2020 2:16:42 AM Post Reply

Recently launched streaming service HBO Max on Tuesday confirmed it removed the 1939 epic “Gone With the Wind” over racist depictions but said the movie will return later with more context. The original film will be brought back “with a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of those very depictions,” a spokesperson for the service said in a statement. The move comes amid furious calls against racism and for police reform after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight

Boris Johnson’s excellent
answer to Beijing’s move on
Hong Kong’s freedom 8 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/8/2020 2:45:52 PM Post Reply

Cheers to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for offering millions of Hong Kongers visas and a path to UK citizenship if Beijing goes ahead with its horrible new “security law.” The mainland is inflicting the legislation on the city without going through Hong Kong’s (snip) London is in no position to stop the massive treaty violation. But Johnson’s riposte will still wound: If the law goes ahead, he says, he’ll offer visas and potential citizenship to all 3 million Hong Kongers who qualify for British National (Overseas) passports, not just the 300,000 who now hold them.

They Blinded Us With “Science” 15 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/8/2020 2:20:02 PM Post Reply

How would our leaders get through this pandemic without “the science”? It’s never been obvious just what “the science” is, or why anyone would speak of science as a single truth, but the role it plays is quite clear. It’s the modern equivalent of the Oracle of Delphi, that mysterious font of guidance that Greek leaders consulted during wars and other crises. However foolish or sensible the advice may be, the oracle gives leaders an excuse to duck responsibility for decisions—and their consequences. Why, for instance, was the upstate New York economy shut down for more than

Jeremiah Ellison declares ‘support
for ANTIFA’ as dad Keith Ellison
takes over George Floyd case 12 replies

Posted by Ketchuplover 6/1/2020 4:39:42 AM Post Reply

Jeremiah Ellison, son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and a Minneapolis city council member, declared Sunday his support for antifa, the secretive left-wing anarchist group accused of driving the violent protests sweeping the nation. “I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” tweeted Jeremiah Ellison. His tweet came shortly after President Trump said the U.S. would designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. (snip) A few hours later, Keith Ellison said that he would be taking over the prosecution of officers involved in the arrest and death of George Floyd, who died in police custody on Memorial Day.



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