Sixties Scoop society calls for curriculum review panel member to be removed over racist comments about Indigenous history

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The article is no longer available on the publication’s website.

An unattributed post re-published on the review’s website in April titled ‘How to Teach History in Schools’ says “the left’” has a tendency to reduce history to condemning past wrongs.

“Here in Canada the preoccupation with victimhood has mostly centered on Japanese Canadians and residential school ‘survivors,’” it says.

Peigan said Champion’s perceptions of Indigenous people have no place within the school curriculum.

“Mr. Premier I do not know how you can continue to push an agenda that excludes the real truth of the history of Canada, it is completely absurd,” Peigan wrote.

“What is it going to take, Premier, for you to listen to the First Peoples and make significant changes in how you govern our province? We cannot deny the atrocities of the Residential School or the Sixties Scoop survivors. To pretend it never happened is unjust.”

Kassandra Kitz, acting spokesperson for Education Minister Adriana LaGrange, has previously said Champion has published a wide range of views as the editor of the Dorchester Review, including some he does not personally agree with, and that the publication offers a diverse range of opinions.

Kenney’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is not the first time Kenney has been urged to fire someone over racist comments.

Earlier this summer, the NDP and multiple Indigenous leaders including Peigan called for Kenney’s speechwriter Paul Bunner to be fired over articles he wrote including one which called the residential school system a “bogus genocide.”

In his letter, Peigan repeated his call for Bunner to be fired and called for Champion to be removed from the curriculum review panel.

“This would show significant commitment by your government to moving reconciliation forward and may garner that trust to begin to rebuild,” he wrote.

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