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He was unable to forgive the man who caused his father’s death.

“Jordan Martin Cushnie is a killer forever,” Armstrong said.

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Sharon Armstrong, left, and Iain Armstrong in an undated file photo. Vickie Laliotis

‘A good man doing a good thing’

Cushnie’s sentencing hearing took place Monday following a lengthy delay. He entered his guilty pleas in May 2019.

Crown and defence submitted a joint submission suggesting Cushnie serve six years in prison, which Justice Eldon Simpson accepted.

Cushnie has been in custody since his arrest, and has accrued around three-and-a-half year’s credit for time served.

Simpson called manslaughter “perhaps the most difficult” crime to sentence, noting manslaughter can range from near accident to near murder. In Canada, manslaughter can carry up to a life sentence, with no minimum sentence unless a firearm is used.

Simpson concluded that Cushnie’s intent wasn’t to kill Armstrong.

He added he wouldn’t suggest any sentence would bring “closure” to Armstrong’s loved ones.

“I do not use that word because nothing that I can do or say, or the sentence I impose, will in any way assuage the grief,” he said.

Crown prosecutor Ryan Abrams said Armstrong’s death was all the more tragic because it came “as a result of a good man doing a good thing.”

“Thankfully there are still people who will stand up for what they believe in. Mr. Armstrong was clearly such a person.”

Defence lawyer Dale Knisely said his client is remorseful and instructed him to plead guilty from the beginning.

Cushnie was only attempting to flee, but Knisely added he is nevertheless “profoundly saddened by his actions here.”