Saturday’s letters: 50/50 fiasco needs fixing now

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Reg Lukasik, St. Albert

What will be legacy of nuclear power?

Aside from the obvious and very real threat to Albertans from a nuclear accident (however caused), what would we be leaving our grandchildren? Fifty years from now, will they be scrambling to deal with orphan nuclear power stations, just as our current government has enabled the legacy of abandoned oil and gas wells and oilsands tailing ponds?

Let’s be sure, and just say no to nukes.

Kim Bouwmeester, Edmonton

Hospital foundation donors need answers

A recent CBC report about a private surgery facility taking over orthopedic surgeries from hospitals disclosed that the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation will be involved in the ownership of the private facility. Apparently, the plan is for a private company, spun off the foundation, to be involved in the building and leasing of the new building.

One must question the operation of the foundation — which is a not-for-profit organization — being involved in private health-care operations. The board of directors of the foundation owe donors an explanation into their venture in private health care.

Arthur Hagan, Edmonton

Mask exemptions a short-sighted idea

The City of Edmonton has made a shameful, absurd and short-sighted decision on handing out exemption cards to anyone not wanting to wear a mask. It is beyond reason and ridiculous to also have them available online.

The people who have valid reasons for not wearing them should have to have proper documentatio and perhaps be given a badge/button saying they are exempt and can wear face shields, which would help. What is to prevent people who have no regard for others at risk from just photocopying them? Edmonton’s active cases have increased from 275 on Aug. 4 to 401 on Aug. 11. It feels like we are losing all the hard work that we have put in, and that we are losing the battle.

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