RNC 2020 opening night ratings onC-SPAN blow away DNC viewership

RNC 2020 opening night ratings on
C-SPAN blow away DNC viewership 5 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 2:27:53 PM Post Reply

The opening night of the 2020 Republican National Convention blew last week’s Democratic snoozefest out of the water, drawing in six times more viewers on C-SPAN’s livestream. Approximately 440,000 people tuned in to watch the first night of the virtual GOP convention on Monday, compared to just 76,000 views for the first night of the DNC, according to a Hill report. While the Democratic gathering boasted speeches from big names such as former first lady Michelle Obama, who gave a rousing endorsement of Joe Biden and drew the ire of President Trump, far more people tuned in to see Donald Trump Jr., Nikki Haley and the gun-wielding McCloskeys bash Biden.

‘For All Mankind’: A Cinematic
Tone Poem of the Apollo Moon Landings 0 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 2:24:44 PM Post Reply

In the 1970s and ‘80s, NASA had a serious marketing problem. The glory years of the moon landings were over, and the Space Shuttle, initially fascinating to the public, became a routine, in-the-background news story, until it wasn’t, when the Challenger exploded in 1986. NASA was sitting on hundreds of hours of film shot by the astronauts on converted U.S. Air Force aircraft gun cameras during the lunar missions, which it meticulously kept stored in climate-controlled conditions, but the public rarely saw this footage. Enter Al Reinert (1947-2018), a former journalist who had covered Apollo 17, the last moon landing, for the Houston Chronicle.

Moderate Drinking May Shrink Your
Brain by a Percent. Is It Worth It? 33 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 8:38:53 AM Post Reply

A new study published to the journal Scientific Reports suggests that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with slightly decreased brain volume. Scientists have long known that heavy alcohol use shrinks the brain, but it’s not clear whether or not moderate drinking has a similar effect. Researchers from the University of Helsinki in Finland explored the possible link within a sample of 353 Finnish men and women aged 39 to 45. On average, the subject group reported moderate alcohol consumption, indicated by an AUDIT-C score of 3.92. Such a score is roughly equivalent to drinking two to four times a month, having between three and four drinks a session,

The Mind-Bendingly Insane, Completely Craven,
Utterly Unconscionable Redemption of Al Sharpton 11 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 8:34:26 AM Post Reply

This past weekend, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, an umbrella group uniting 125 local Jewish communities and 17 national Jewish organizations, sent an email to its followers proudly announcing that it has signed on as a partner in the Virtual March on Washington this week, an event organized by Al Sharpton. Because last week also marked the 29th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots, it’s worth it to stop and recall that among his many distinctions—MSNBC pundit, and an adviser who reportedly regularly speaks to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, collector of innumerable sateen suits—Al Sharpton is also currently America’s only living pogrom leader.

In a tightening race, the trends
are running in Trump’s favor 10 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 6:07:25 AM Post Reply

The most unusual year and the presidential campaign that accompanies it are now at the top of home stretch. The unconventional conventions soon will be behind us, as the GOP takes its turn this week. The virtual campaign of a basement “Rose Garden strategy” will be forced out into the open. Then the real fun will begin. Although the return to fall and the start of the final leg of the campaign won’t be like anything we’ve seen before, one thing is still certain: Campaigns are won on the ground. The blocking and tackling of presidential politics is what it takes to emerge victorious.

Gov. Abbott calls for firing of Wylie
ISD teacher over assignment that
likened police to KKK, slave owners 11 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/25/2020 6:03:03 AM Post Reply

WYLIE, Texas – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for the firing of a Wylie ISD teacher who assigned a lesson to students that featured a cartoon that appeared to compare police with the KKK and slave owners. The cartoon caught the attention of the National Fraternal Order of Police. The district issued an apology and removed that assignment after 400 8th graders received the political cartoon as part of a lesson. The governor tweeted that is was “beyond unacceptable,” and “the opposite of what must be taught.”

First ever double hurricane
could hit the Gulf of Mexico 14 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/22/2020 12:03:23 PM Post Reply

Next week for the first time on record, two hurricanes could hit the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. Twice before, in 1959 and 1933, two tropical storms have entered the Gulf at the same time. But never before have both been hurricanes. It might not go that way. Only one of the storm systems has yet strengthened into a tropical storm — a dangerous cyclone, but not yet a hurricane. The other remains a tropical depression, and its future is still unclear. But forecast models have suggested the possibility since at least Thursday (Aug. 20), and the storms

Knights & their ladies fair 11 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/22/2020 11:59:40 AM Post Reply

Just after the opening credits of Gone with the Wind and before the start of the film proper is a title card that reads as follows (ellipses in the original): There was a land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South . . . Here in this patrician world the Age of Chivalry took its last bow . . . Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their Ladies Fair, of Master and of Slave . . . Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind . . . These are four very important sentences,

No Matter How Much The New York Times
Pumps Polyamory, It’s Not Good For Kids 16 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/21/2020 10:14:40 AM Post Reply

Polyamory recently received two glowing write-ups in one of the world’s most influential newspapers: The New York Times. Two, eight days apart. Few can purchase the kind of puff. Polyamory is a wholly recent concept, the name chosen to communicate a person’s orientation for “many loves.” It is different than polygamy, which is technically polygyny, one man, many wives. Polyandry, one wife with many husbands, is nearly non-existent in human experience and thus, evidence that there are indeed distinct binary male/female natures that remain generally constant across cultures. Polyamorists are those of any number or sexuality involved in a shared sexual, romantic, or domestic relationship.

Obamas remind American voters
why they elected Donald Trump 13 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/21/2020 10:08:43 AM Post Reply

Twelve years after making history by getting elected America’s first actual Black president on soaring promises of “hope” and “change,” Barack Obama is back to let you know he is very, very disappointed in you. And this time, he is selling grim hopelessness and fear. For eight years, Mr. Obama served as your lofty professor and virtue king, dancing with music stars and enthralling the world with his flowery speeches apologizing for America’s power and very existence. And then you elected a dummy.

The DNC stands for ‘Did Not See!’ 10 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/21/2020 6:55:33 AM Post Reply

Admit it — you didn’t watch any of the just-completed Democrat convention from the basement. Neither did I. All these seventy- and eighty-year-old hacks — if I want reruns from the 60’s and 70’s, I’ll just watch MeTV. I get it — Democrats don’t like Orange Man Bad. Trump is an “existential” threat, as the governor of New Mexico (among many others) said. These people want to raise my taxes, open the borders, take away my health insurance and give it to illegal aliens for free, make sure those rolling blackouts in California go nationwide, defund the police, wreck my neighborhood and let all the rapists and murderers out of prison —

Fordham University Sent Cops To Investigate
A Student For Criticizing Communist China
And ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Instagram 20 replies

Posted by StormCnter 8/21/2020 6:45:16 AM Post Reply

Fordham University is under investigation from the U.S. Department of Education for allegedly violating a student’s free speech after administrators called the cops on him for Instagram posts. On his personal account, Austin Tong posted pictures with a legally obtained gun and criticized China’s handling of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Tong also posted about the death of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, who died trying to stop rioters from looting a friend’s pawn shop. While the school’s website suggests that students enrolled at the university will have “the freedom of inquiry required by rigorous thinking and the quest for truth,” its reaction to Tong’s posts shows otherwise.



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