Rexall landing PPE vending machine at Edmonton airport

Article content

Rexall’s first PPE-dispensing vending machine at a Canadian airport will be arriving in Edmonton next month.

Located past the security gate at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA), the machine will provide up to 85 products including disposable and washable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and beauty products offered by the retail pharmaceutical company. The vending machine, expected in mid-September, is part of EIA’s overall strategy to make travellers feel safer.

Products range in price from $3 to $13.

Mary Makar, Rexall Pharmacy Group’s director of marketing development, said the machine, which is touch-operated, doesn’t accept cash but consumers can use debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

“We decided to develop Rexall On the Go, that’s what we’re coining our vending machine program, as to try to provide Canadians with easy (and) convenient access to high-quality PPE necessities when they’re kind of in a rush,” she said. “These vending machines are being launched in select landmark locations in Ontario and in Western Canada. We’re going to be targeting airports, highway traffic stops, malls and office and condo towers.”


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