Retail and Restaurants Flee Democrat-RunNew York Forever

Retail and Restaurants Flee Democrat-Run
New York Forever 5 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:58:53 AM Post Reply

Crime, taxes, disease, and an anti-science approach to social distancing have chased a number of big retailers and restaurateurs out of New York forever, reports the far-left New York Times. “In the heart of Manhattan, national chains including J.C. Penney, Kate Spade, Subway and Le Pain Quotidien have shuttered branches for good,” per the Times, which adds other big box retailers, like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, have chosen to reopen in other states while their Manhattan locations remain shuttered. On top of that, Victoria’s Secret, which had been paying $937,000 a month in rent, is no longer paying that rent.

Wisconsin Forces Employees to Wear Masks
at Home Alone During Zoom Meetings 3 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:51:15 AM Post Reply

Wisconsin’s state government is forcing government employees to wear masks while at home alone during Zoom meetings. Yes, you read that correctly … Even if you are in your own home. Even if you are in your own home alone (not that that should matter), the fascist Democrats who now run the Wisconsin state government are forcing employees to wear masks during online meetings: In an email to employees sent out on July 31, the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources not only reminded employees of Gov. Tony Evers’ mask order going into effect on Aug. 1, he also said that every DNR employee must wear a mask …

Portland Residents Worry as Protests Spread
to Residential Neighborhoods 2 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:35:14 AM Post Reply

The streets of downtown Portland were quieter on Tuesday as nightly protests approach 80 consecutive nights of unrest but that is not because protesters are giving up. Instead, they are heading into residential areas, and people who live there are worried. “The main action has shifted from downtown to residential neighborhoods on the east side of the Willamette River, bringing crowds of demonstrators and a heavy police force onto usually quiet nighttime streets,” the Oregonian newspaper’s online portal Oregon Live reported. “People who live and work in areas where protests have taken place are not happy.”

Trump Pressure Leads Tennessee Valley
Authority Officials to Review CEO’s $8M
Salary 2 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:05:27 AM Post Reply

Officials with the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) say they are reviewing CEO Jeff Lyash’s $8 million salary following scrutiny from President Trump. This month, Trump came down hard on TVA executives for their plan to outsource American workers’ jobs to imported H-1B foreign workers by contracting with outsourcing firms such as Capgemini, CGI, and Accenture. In an executive order, Trump demanded that TVA and all other federal agencies review their job and hiring practices to ensure that they are not displacing American workers in any way. As part of that order, Trump said he wants Lyash’s huge salary lowered immensely to no more than $500,000 a year.

Jamie Lee Curtis warns of Trump fans
stealing mail trucks to win 2020: ‘Let’s not
let it happen!’ 17 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 1:34:26 AM Post Reply

Celebrity activist Jamie Lee Curtis says she’s worried that President Trump’s supporters may steal the 2020 election by making off with United States Postal Service trucks. The “Halloween” star left Twitter users confused on Tuesday after peddling a conspiracy theory of enormous size and scope. “I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters,” she tweeted nearly 560,000 fans while attaching an image of a damaged USPS vehicle. “Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS ? Let’s not let it happen! @JoeBiden.”

A winning slogan for Trump: Make America
Normal Again 10 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/12/2020 10:12:38 AM Post Reply

This post could have discussed headline-grabbing issues, such as the Black Lives Matter riots in Chicago (where looting now equals reparations), schoolteachers refusing to teach while demanding pay, or any other leftist retreat from reality. But frankly, I’m bored. I have had it up to here and beyond with the leftists’ dystopian flights from reality. I want normal life back again, and I think a lot of other people do, too. Therefore, I’d like to propose a new Trump/Pence campaign slogan: Make America Normal Again. The year 1920 offers imperfect parallels to 2020. Then, America was recovering from WWI.

It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and
none of what it says is good 6 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/12/2020 9:57:48 AM Post Reply

Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris to be his running mate shows the shallowness of the Democrats’ talent pool. Biden handicapped himself by explicitly pledging to ignore men and then implicitly bowing to the demand that his female choice be black. However, it’s still somewhat shocking that, out of all the black, female, Democrat politicians in America, the best he could do was Kamala. What’s most striking about Kamala is that, like Barack Obama, she has nothing in common with the American black experience. Despite her slamming the race card on the table, the only thing she shares with the generic “black vote” is skin color.

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept
her way to the top 19 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/12/2020 9:41:42 AM Post Reply

Editor’s note: American Thinker normally does not reprint previously published material, but this morning, we are making an exception, owing to the level of interest in Kamala Harris and her political career, which began, as Howie Carr quipped, “working under Willie Brown.” The item below was originally published January 27, 2019. * * * * Kamala Harris, that vaunted self-righteous feminist candidate who’s using her ‘year of the woman’ chops to challenge President Trump in 2020, has a little problem: She slept her way to the top. You know, the mistress thing, not exactly moving on up based on hard work or merit,

Hillary Recrudescence? Biden’s choice of
Kamala Harris represents return of Democrats’
Hillary wing 5 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/12/2020 9:34:05 AM Post Reply

Not to brag, but yes, I am bragging, I weighed the odds of Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate, against those of her two rivals, Rep. Karen Bass, and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and argued that Joe was going to go for Kamala. Writing at AT on Aug. 2: My money’s on his picking Harris in this situation based on who he is, but it’s obvious he doesn’t trust Harris, who has that lean and hungry look. No wonder nobody, including Joe Biden himself, knows who Joe Biden is going to pick.

There’s a shortage of Dr. Pepper amid the
COVID-19 pandemic 18 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/11/2020 5:54:55 PM Post Reply

The iconic soda brand confirmed on Aug. 10 that there is indeed a shortage impacting all Dr. Pepper products at grocery stores. While it didn’t cite a specific cause, the company comforted fans with some hopeful words. “We know it’s harder to find Dr. Pepper these days. We’re doing everything we can to get it back into your hands,” read a statement from Dr. Pepper on Twitter. “That means working with our distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide, while ensuring the safety of our employees.” The shortage affects all flavors of the soda, including the newest addition, Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda.

Los Angeles: Why politicians’ COVID bullying
attacks will work 5 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/11/2020 12:52:18 PM Post Reply

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has learned how to govern like a third-world dictator. His threat to shut down the water and power to large house parties that violate the city’s coronavirus guidelines is right out of the totalitarian government handbook. In the mid-1980s, I spent my junior year abroad in Sierra Leone, West Africa with the open mindedness and youthful optimism that define many American college students. I learned many things, including the fact that America was unique — we could never tolerate the corrupt and tyrannical behavior that defines most third-world governments. So I thought.

Trump’s Secret Weapon: “The Black Silent
Minority” 21 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/11/2020 12:17:17 AM Post Reply

No, I’m not kidding. I believe the black vote will be the key to President Trump’s coming electoral landslide. No, it’s not a “Black Silent Majority.” Trump and Republicans aren’t winning a majority of black votes in 2020. But we don’t need a majority. We just need a “Black Silent Minority” to clinch a Trump victory. I may understand black voters better than any white Republican in America. I’m a S.O.B. (son of a butcher) who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. I grew up on the Bronx borderline in Mt. Vernon, NY, a majority black town. I attended an almost all black middle school.


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