‘Rest in peace Jay’: Donald Trump paystribute to Patriot Prayer supporter who wasshot dead in Portland during violent clashesbetween MAGA supporters and BLM protesterson the 95th night of unrest

‘Rest in peace Jay’: Donald Trump pays
tribute to Patriot Prayer supporter who was
shot dead in Portland during violent clashes
between MAGA supporters and BLM protesters
on the 95th night of unrest 3 replies

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Donald Trump on Sunday paid tribute to the man shot and killed wearing a Patriot Prayer baseball cap during violent clashes between the president’s supporters and BLM protesters in Portland Saturday night. Trump tweeted: ‘Rest In Peace Jay!’ He had retweeted Women for Trump co-founder Amy Kremer who wrote: ‘This is Jay Bishop. He was a good American that loved his country and Backed the Blue. He was murdered in Portland by ANTIFA. Jay, we will never forget you. Rest In Peace my friend.’ In disturbing footage, recorded by videographer Justin Dunlap, the victim, later identified as Bishop,

Biden Will Not Visit Kenosha on Monday –
Thinks Trump’s Visit Will “Backfire” 18 replies

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As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Biden will make a campaign appearance Monday at an as yet secret location to make remarks blaming President Trump for the riots roiling the nation. Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield confirmed on Fox News Sunday that Biden would travel this week but did not provide specifics. Bedingfield also accused Trump of inciting violence.Politico reported on Sunday that Biden has decided not to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin despite pressure building on Biden following Trump’s announcement to visit Kenosha on Tuesday.

MSNBC’s Cross: RNC’s Black Speakers
‘Looked Like a Modern-Day Minstrel
Show to Me’ 32 replies

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During Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Tiffany Cross criticized the Republican National Convention for its diverse presentation of speakers throughout the week. She dismissed the display as being reflective of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. Instead, Cross urged viewers not to be “fooled” by Republicans and said the “slew of black speakers” looked like a “modern-day minstrel show.”“If you watched the Republican convention last week, you would almost think the Republican Party is the one welcoming people of color given the big display of diversity,”

Biden Promises National Guard: I’ll
Never Use the Military as ‘a Prop’ 17 replies

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Former Vice President Joe Biden promised National Guard members Saturday he would never push them into a domestic political dispute as a “prop” and assured them they will “never, never have to wonder what side I’m on.”Civil and military relations have been “tested lately,” Biden told the audience witnessing the virtual National Guard Association of the United States’ 142nd General Conference.Speaking before a backdrop of American flags, with a flag pin discretely pinned to his suit lapel, Biden then attacked the president’s record as commander in chief.“I promise you as president, I’ll never put you in the middle of politics or personal vendettas.

Trump adviser sees more Arab, Muslim
partners for Israel after UAE deal 4 replies

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JERUSALEM– U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser said on Sunday more Arab and Muslim countries were likely to follow the United Arab Emirates in normalising relations with Israel.The White House official, Robert O’Brien, and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on the eve of talks in Abu Dhabi on Monday on finalising formal Israel-UAE ties.Israel and the UAE announced on Aug. 13 that they would forge official ties under a deal brokered by Washington. The diplomatic move reshapes the Middle East order, from the Palestinian issue to relations with Iran.“We believe that other Arab and Muslim countries will soon follow

Press in meltdown mode after in-person
election security briefings halted; Trump
says Schiff kept leaking classified info
to media 16 replies

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President Donald Trump said his administration has stopped providing in-person election security briefings to Congress because House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and others were constantly leaking classified information to the media.As such, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, the country’s top intel official, informed the House and Senate intelligence committees that members would only be getting written updates regarding election security, to ensure the information “is not misunderstood or politicized,” The Associated Press reported.During a briefing with the media regarding Hurricane Laura in Orange, Texas, the president said Ratcliffe made the decision to halt the in-person briefings because

Will Trumpism Endure in the GOP? 12 replies

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The Republican National Convention took to the virtual stage this week to accomplish what no one thought they could do: make a positive case for Donald Trump’s reelection to a beleaguered base.But accomplish it they did, largely because of an intentional choice in format and speakers that emphasized Trump’s working-class voters over the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood celebrities and ladder-climbing politicians.The showmanship and production skills of the Trump team combined with the compelling personal narratives of ordinary Americans resulted in a convention that echoed with cautious optimism, a defense of the American way of life, and genuine gratitude for the extraordinary country we have been given.But the convention also reflected

New Video Angle Further Points to Targeted
Murder of Trump Supporter In Portland 10 replies

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As RedState reported earlier, a man was shot and killed in Portland, OR during the ongoing rioting in the city. The person shot was apparently a Trump supporter participating in a counter-protest which started as a drive through by various vehicles.Later in the evening, the victim in question was murdered in what appears to be cold-blood. It also appears he was targeted. The man was reportedly a member of “Patriot Prayer,” which is a group that is constantly labeled as a dangerous “far-right” entity by the media when no evidence really exists to back that claim up. Unlike the “Proud Boys,” which actively look for fights, this group doesn’t seem

Campaign Surrogate: Todd Echoes Biden
Claim Trump ‘Rooting for Violence’ 11 replies

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In an appearance on NBC’s Sunday Today, political director Chuck Todd made the allegation that President Trump seemed as though he was “rooting” for the violence tearing apart the country. But what went unmentioned was the fact he was making the very same argument that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had made just three days earlier. Unbeknownst to Todd, he essentially echoed Biden’s deputy campaign manager, who appeared on Fox News Sunday claiming Trump was “incit[ing] violence.”Host Willie Geist teed up Todd to make his unfounded claim by huffing about how they had to cover the violence at all

Trump Unloads On Portland Democrat Mayor
After He Refused Federal Help, Protester
Killed 19 replies

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President Donald Trump unloaded on Portland Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler on Sunday morning after a right-wing protester was killed in the city following Wheeler’s decision to reject federal assistance from the Trump administration.“The shooting happened after right-wing protesters drove trucks around the city with American flags and Trump flags and were met by far-left antifa activists who blocked traffic and threw things at the vehicles, which often elicited a response from the vehicles,” The Daily Wire reported. “Video of the attack that was posted online showed the shooting and, according to two journalists, appeared to show someone saying, ‘we got a Trumper right here,’ before two fatal shots

‘Joe Biden, beware!’ Another night of
obnoxious protesters has diners seeing –
and likely voting – RED 13 replies

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Washington DC sees another night of thugs terrorizing diners while they are out to eat.Political commentators warn Democrats that Black Lives Matter’s mob-bullying of random people and attacks on Trump supporters will backfire bigly on them, since it’s igniting support for President Trump.During the past three months, BLM and Antifa thugs have threatened, beaten, and bullied Trump supporters and everyday Americans, trying to get them to bend the knee to their mob tactics.One example is the escalating harassment of random people eating at restaurants.Here’s an alarming video showing aggressive BLM protesters threatening and harassing diners in Washington, D.C., a liberal city populated by Democrats.

Donald Trump’s Approval Rises Nine Points
Among Black Voters During RNC 8 replies

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President Donald Trump’s approval with black voters rose nine points during the Republican National Convention, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll conducted August 22-25.The poll asked one question: “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President of the United States?”The Hill reported: Twenty-four percent of registered black voters in the Aug. 22-25 survey, which included the first two days of the convention, said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 76 percent said they disapprove. That is up 9 points from the previous survey conducted Aug. 8-11,



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