Please spare me the maudlin rhetoric
about Ginsburg’s ’tragic’ death 4 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/21/2020 7:20:18 AM Post Reply

The insufferable Chris Wallace of Fox News kept referring to the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “tragic” on yesterday’s edition of Fox News Sunday. While I am full of sympathy for her family, loved ones, and friends who all have lost someone they deeply mourn, I cannot see how her death is “tragic” — unless one is a partisan Democrat fearing loss of control of the Supreme Court. (snip) We should all be so lucky as to live so long, receive the best medical care in the world, and be surrounded by family as we shuffle off this mortal coil

Collins and Murkowski should abstain 5 replies

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As the Holy War concerning filling Justice Ginsburg’s seat begins in earnest, one question which the Republican side and President Trump should certainly pose, is what would the Democrats do if the situation were reversed? (snip) here is a suggestion for how Collins and Murkowski can live with their decision to not vote for a nominee (snip) both Senators should abstain from the vote for confirmation if it is held before Election Day. If their opposition is to the timing and not the nominee, why should they vote no? Both Senators have made clear their opposition is to the timing.

NeverTrumpers Unhinged Over
Their Growing Irrelevance 2 replies

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Washington D.C. has always been a club, with decorum and strict membership rules. Most of us are not in this club (snip) Washington D.C. has always been a club, with decorum and strict membership rules. Most of us are not in this club (snip) Their noses are out of joint since Trump, neither as a candidate nor as president, sought their advice or guidance. In fact, he ignored them. They tried to defeat him in 2016 but Republican voters ignored them just as they are doing now. And they can’t stand it.

Dems have just handed court-packing
as a big election issue for the GOP 10 replies

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The dimmer bulbs in the Dem chandelier are openly stating their intention to pack the Supreme Court should the party win the Senate and the Oval Office. This hands an opportunity to every GOP candidate for the Senate (incumbent or challenger) to put his or her opponent on the spot, and demand a public commitment to either reject or endorse the announced plan to expand the number of seats on the court and appoint an ironclad progressive majority. (snip) Either they repudiate the scheme or they risk losing.

The NFL gets woke and goes broke 22 replies

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On several occasions, a black person committed a crime, a police officer tried to arrest him, the suspect resisted arrest, and the officer was forced to kill him. This suggests to me that I should not break the law and not resist arrest. (snip) Since the first kneeling by Colin Kaepernick in 2016, attendance and television ratings have gone down. In our first COVID-19 season, there are virtually no fans at the stadium. This decline will affect income. The players will find that there is not enough money to support their large salaries. They will be forced to take smaller contracts.

Biden stiffed local media in campaign
visit to Duluth, Minnesota yesterday 4 replies

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One of the principal benefits of a presidential campaign visit to the hustings is supposed to be the opportunity for the candidate to appear on local media, talking to locally prominent reporters and anchors that reach viewers that normally pay little attention to national news. Locals often feel a sense of identification with their familiar local media figures and appreciate the attention from a national figure. It’s a corollary to the maxim that “all politics is local,” connecting the candidate to the hometown media, to whom the locals may feel a certain affinity.

Sorry, Mr. Biden: The voters did pick
who should fill the SCOTUS vacancy 11 replies

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Commenting on the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Joe Biden said: “There is no doubt, let me be clear, that the voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider.” Well Mr. Biden, in case you don’t remember, the voters did pick a president in 2016, and the voters picked Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump was inaugurated at noon on Jan. 20, 2017, making him the 45th President of the United States. (snip) Donald J. Trump’s term as president of the United States does not end until noon on Jan. 20, 2021.

The Biden Hoax 5 replies

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oe Biden’s nomination is the Democrats’ crowning insult. They’re making another go at playing voters for chumps. Democrats, the D.C. establishment, and the left started hoaxing Americans back in 2016. The Russia Hoax was about destroying candidate, and then President, Trump (snip) Biden’s nomination is more than a go at sly stagecraft; it’s the most audacious gaslighting in American history. (snip) Future generations will ridicule what passes for journalism today. An entire generation of journalists is, in fact, made up of shills

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The political ramifications
of a political jurist 23 replies

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday night after 27 years on the United States Supreme Court. I’m ignoring the Romans warning de mortuis nil nisi bonum (of the dead, say nothing but good). Ginsburg used her seat on the Supreme Court as a political office and, reputedly, her dying wish was political. The politicization of her Supreme Court seat and the political fallout from her death are, therefore, appropriate topics. (snip) That praise — that she “fought” for “justice and equality” — sums up everything that was wrong with Ginsburg for it describes a political activist, not a judge.

Who Killed George Floyd? 24 replies

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If they get a fair trial, a questionable proposition at best, Minneapolis police officers charged with murdering George Floyd should be acquitted. Let’s consider new, undisputed evidence, beyond the initial bystander’s video that we’ve all seen, to understand why. (snip) the prosecution, to obtain a conviction, must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. They must prove that the officer’s knee, and not the massive fentanyl dosage, killed George Floyd. That’s a tall order. (snip) the previous protestations of “I can’t breathe,” even before he got into the back seat of the squad car, and long before Chauvin applied the notorious “knee” technique, shows that George was already dying

Falling for the Biggest Hoax in History 24 replies

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It will probably take months if not years for the truth of the Covid-19 pandemic to emerge, but when it does will any politician take responsibility for the lies and disinformation or the damage this hoax caused this great nation? I don’t think so, but what it did prove was what happens when the Democrats are in charge. They may not be in the White House but it is the House that wields the power over legislation and our money. Couple this power with the useful idiots in the mainstream media to promote the widespread hysteria, and we then had the total capitulation of a frightened nation

Will we remember this as
the week that the tide turned
in Trump’s favor? 7 replies

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I’m not a superstitious person, but I have to admit to something close to trepidation as I write this post with good news about Trump’s reelection prospects. (snip) The first bit of good news is learning that the violent protests, riots, and looting that the Democrat party encouraged over the summer are backfiring. (snip) Another heartening trend is a surge in Republican voter registration. (snip) And here’s the best news of all. CNN is starting to panic about mail-in voting.