Pelosi: Republican Party Has Been
‘Highjacked’ by Trump’s ‘Cult’ 25 replies

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Tuesday on MSNBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the Republican Party has been “highjacked” by a “cult-like group of people and others who are afraid of defying the cult leader,” who she said was President Donald Trump. When asked about the first night of the Democratic National Convention, Pelosi said, “It was great that John Kasich was there. I think that was a very big plus for us because we do have to find our common ground as we go forward.” Anchor Nicolle Wallace, said, “It’s interesting you mentioned John Kasich. He’s generated some debate. It was my sense he’s there to represent the broad coalition

‘You can’t possibly imagine.’ Family talks
about woman who was killed by SUV driver
who hit her, then circled and hit her again 7 replies

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Birthday dinners were an important tradition for Zoraleigh Ryan.“No matter how old you are … it’s just something she always did with us,” said Ryan’s older daughter Amber Logue.Last week, Ryan celebrated her youngest daughter Shannon turning 20 with a dinner at a steakhouse in downtown Chicago. The two left the restaurant and were walking down Hubbard Street about 11 p.m. Aug. 10 when an SUV drove straight at them, struck them, circled the block and hit Ryan a second time, killing her.“It is gut-wrenching,” Logue said. “You can’t possibly imagine what would possess this person to just

Pizza Hut’s largest franchise operator plans
to close as many as 300 pizza shops 6 replies

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NPC International Inc., the largest franchise operator for Plano-based Pizza Hut, announced on Monday that it will close as many as 300 Pizza Huts. The decision was made after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July, when shutdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic challenged its businesses.A statement from Kansas-based NPC says it has not picked which restaurants will close, or when. NPC operates 1,227 Pizza Hut franchises, or about 18% of Pizza Hut’s 6,700 stores. NPC also operates just under 400 Wendy’s stores.A “substantial majority” of the Pizza Huts that are closing are dine-in restaurants, the statement says.

Democrat Convention Week: DNC LGBTQ
Caucus Member Says: ‘We’re Talking About
Abolishing Police, Abolishing ICE and Abolishing
Prisons’ (Video) 16 replies

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It’s Democrat convention week and the radical Marxist wing of the party has completely taken over.The Democrats are now openly admitting they are neo-Marxists.Democrats spent the last month denying their unhinged party wants to abolish the police.On Tuesday, Democrats in a virtual LGBTQ Caucus meeting straight up called for prisons, police and ICE to be abolished. “We’re talking about abolishing the police, we’re talking about abolishing ICE, and we’re talking about abolishing prisons.”WATCH:

Tiger Woods’ son Charlie, 11, steals show
at junior tournament with his legendary
father acting as his caddy as he
wins by Five Shots 6 replies

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Golf fans searching for the next Tiger Woods would be wise to check out the 11-year-old ace who won a junior tournament in Florida over the weekend alongside a rather familiar caddy. Charlie Woods, Tiger’s son, came out on top at a Hammock Creek youth event, hitting a three-under 33 and winning by five shots thanks to three birdies. Best of all, Woods had a front row seat while serving as his son’s looper for the day. It certainly didn’t hurt hurt to have the five-time Masters winner as his mentor and caddy, but Charlie appears to be a quick study: the youngster was the only player to

Exclusive: ‘Would you mind giving it a crack?’
Bill Clinton leans back and smiles while
receiving neck massage from Epstein victim, 22,
in never-before-seen photos during trip on
pedophile’s plane to Africa in 2002 – as he
addresses Dem convention Tonight 0 replies

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Bill Clinton grins with pleasure as he enjoys an intimate neck massage with a young Jeffrey Epstein victim in never-before-seen photographs obtained exclusively by troubling pictures are an ill-timed reminder of Clinton’s links to Epstein as the former President, 72, prepares to endorse Joe Biden tonight at the Democratic Convention.Clinton traveled numerous times on the dead pedophile’s private Jet, the Lolita Express, socialized with his alleged Madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, and faced a slew of sexual misconduct accusations himself during his years in public lifYet the 42nd President of the United States is still revered in progressive circles despite the renewed focus on Epstein’s crimes and the predatory behavior

Watch: DNC Muslim Delegates Assembly
Moderator Skips ‘Under God’ While Reciting
the Pledge 1 reply

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The moderator kicking off the Muslim Delegates Assembly meeting during day two of the Democratic National Convention skipped “under God” while leading the virtual audience in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” he recited, skipping “under God”:(Tweet/Video) Like the national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance has remained a target of the far-left, which contends that it is both racist and exclusionary. Last year, a Pennsylvania school district moved to bar a principal for saying “God bless America” following the Pledge of Allegiance after

New photos show Bill Clinton
getting massage from Epstein accuser 13 replies

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Newly unearthed photos show former President Bill Clinton — who will deliver a key address to the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night — receiving a neck massage from alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim Chauntae Davies following a flight on the financier’s infamous “Lolita Express.”
“Would you mind giving it a crack?” Davies recalled Clinton asking, according to the Daily Mail, which published the pictures.
Clinton, 56 at the time of the September 2002 snaps, was en route to Africa for a humanitarian trip with Epstein and his entourage when the Lolita Express — Epstein’s private jet — landed in Portugal for refueling, the report said.

Why Teaching Americans To Love Their
Country Is A Powerful Antidote To Racism 1 reply

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The only effective solution to bridging America’s seemingly insurmountable partisan divide is as simple as it is controversial: We need a renewed American nationalism. Nationalism? The very word no doubt triggers the protesters pulling down our founders’ statues. They’re certain that progress demands weakening our allegiance to the nation, not tying ourselves closer to it. They want less America, not more. Revolutionaries rarely stop for reality checks; this is the responsibility of conservatives. Since Edmund Burke first warned about the excesses of the French Revolution, conservative thinkers have reminded us that human beings are fallen creatures. We are selfish and tribal.

‘I Know I Am’ — CNN Host John Berman
‘Clamoring’ for Michelle Obama ‘VOTE’
Necklace 2 replies

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There wasn’t much good to say about the opening night of the Democrat convention. It was panned even by liberal voices and a Never Trumper as, respectively, “a long YouTube ad you’d skip,” “cheesy videos,” and a “sad telethon.”So, like much of the liberal media’s DNC coverage, CNN’s New Day was reduced to focusing on what they saw as a lonely point of light [sorry, H.W.]: Michelle Obama’s speech.(Video) CNN brought on Democrats to praise other Democrats. Imagine how easily impressed they are. Former Clinton speechwriter and spinmeister Paul Begala laid it on thick: “It was absolutely masterful…It was the most brilliant,

At Least 30 Shot, 7 Fatally, over Weekend
in Democrat-Controlled Philly 10 replies

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At least 30 people were shot, seven fatally, over the weekend in Democrat-controlled Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NBC Philadelphia reports there were 25 shootings that left behind more than 30 victims, fatal and non-fatal combined. Twenty-five people were wounded in the shootings while another seven were killed. The weekend violence included gunfire at a block party around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Breitbart News reported five people were injured in that shooting, and police were already on scene when it occurred, having been tipped off about the block party by social media posts.

Boys, 13 and 14, in critical condition after
separate overnight shootings, police say 5 replies

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A 14-year-old boy was shot in the head and a 13-year-old boy was shot in the chest Monday night in separate shootings within two hours of each other, according to Chicago police.Both of the boys are in hospitals in critical condition, police said. The first shooting occurred at 7:20 p.m. in the 500 block of East 42nd Street in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side.The 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl were standing on a sidewalk when a vehicle approached them and someone inside fired shots, police said.The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in critical condition,