Opinion: Why Alberta’s doctors are fighting government health reforms

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At the heart of the matter, the relationship between doctors and government is at its breaking point. If this continues, I worry that the health of Albertans and the health of our economy will suffer. The people who have already seen the cracks in our health-care system are at greatest risk of falling through without a safety net to catch them.

It might not be you. It might be that grandchild who is born with a heart condition; that friend who has an unexpected stroke; that co-worker whose child has autism. The next time you need a surgery, it might be at a for-profit chain that will give you advice based on what makes the most money for investors. If the Alberta government continues to refuse to work with doctors to find a mutually agreeable contract, the changes to health care will continue to prioritize profits of investors over the well-being of Albertans.

If you are unsure about the Alberta government’s actions in health care, know that the doctors are decidedly against the reforms and feel betrayed. If you want to show support for your doctors, this is the time to stand up and say something. Write something. Call your MLA. There are so many things in the world that are not in our control right now, but in this moment, the people of Alberta have the power to affect what is written in the next chapter on public health care in this province.

Dr. Sabrina Eliason completed a BA in Economics at Queen’s University before pursuing medicine. She is a developmental paediatrician at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton and the vice-president of the Canadian Paediatric Society Section of Developmental Paediatrics.



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