Obama accuses Trump of running USlike ‘reality show’ in DNC speech

Cindy McCain details husband’s friendship
with Biden for DNC 39 replies

Posted by earlybird 8/19/2020 11:08:29 AM Post Reply

Cindy McCain is going to bat for Joe Biden, lending her voice to a video set to air during Tuesday night’s Democratic National Convention programming focused on Biden’s close friendship with her late husband, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona. She’s just the latest Republican to join in the convention, after a number of notable GOP former elected officials — including former Ohio Gov. John Kasich — endorsed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee on Monday night. It’s a continuation of a major theme that Democrats have pushed through the first night of the convention — an effort to broaden the party’s appeal to occasional Republicans and disaffected Trump voters.

Baltimore GOP Candidate Kimberly Klacik
Lays Down an Absolute Knockout With
Stunning New Campaign Ad 37 replies

Posted by Imright 8/19/2020 12:52:19 AM Post Reply

Kimberly Klacik is a Republican Congressional candidate from Maryland’s 7th district. That would be the heart of Baltimore.We could tell you all about Klacik’s political qualifications, activism work, and upbringing.Or we could just show you her latest campaign ad, a stunning kill-shot straight into the heart of Democrat talking points. In the ad, a sharp-looking Klacik takes viewers on a walk through Baltimore. She asks us to put aside the typical talking points and look directly at the visible evidence of decades of exclusive Democrat control. Klacik walks past boarded-up buildings and abandoned property,

Trump backs boycott of
Goodyear over ‘MAGA hat ban’ 34 replies

Posted by Ribicon 8/19/2020 12:18:56 PM Post Reply

Sounds like President Trump might be the new Michelin tire man—and that’s not a joke about his weight. Trump called for a boycott of Goodyear tires Tuesday after the company’s workplace tolerance policy banned his trademark #MAGA caps as a display of hate speech on the job. “Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES – They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS,” Trump tweeted.(Snip) The ban, which was presented to employees via slides shown by a plant manager, said #MAGA hats are “not acceptable” attire under a “zero-tolerance” policy toward hateful speech. Goodyear also reportedly told workers not to wear anything supporting particular political candidates.

Yet ANOTHER riot is declared in Portland
on 83rd night of trouble: 200-strong
mob of protesters ‘rallying for BLM and
the total abolition of prison system
and police force’ torch city’s famous
Multnomah Building 31 replies

Posted by zephyrgirl 8/19/2020 11:16:38 AM Post Reply

Portland police declared yet another riot Tuesday night on the 83rd consecutive day of protests after a 200-strong mob of protesters torched the city’s famous Multnomah Building. The group had marched to the county seat of government for the first time, smashing windows and sparking a blaze by pushing lit newspapers through the windows. One image shows the protesters had marked a window to the building with the graffiti: ‘Aim here.’ Demonstrations that often turn violent have racked Oregon’s biggest city for more than two months following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Curious Problem of Obesity
among the Poor 30 replies

Posted by Magnante 8/19/2020 8:33:26 AM Post Reply

In a recent OpEd from The Guardian, author Larry Elliot opines on the frequency of obesity among low-income households in the U.K., and points out that the problem “in the U.S. mirrors that of the U.K.” Elliot goes on to proclaim, that, “there will be less obesity when people can afford to eat better.” The premise is that poor folks are victims of one injustice or another; in Elliot’s case, he claims they are unable to afford healthy food. This notion has been floating around for several years now, particularly as it relates to children, and is one that is frequently parroted by the left in America.

The second night of the DNC was
somehow worse than the first 28 replies

Posted by Imright 8/19/2020 12:18:15 AM Post Reply

Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination in what might have been the most awkward, unexciting way possible.After a Democratic official announced that Biden had won a majority of the party’s delegates, the virtual event switched over to the high school library where Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, waited. This segment was obviously live because the transition was so clunky that viewers had to watch the two stand there smiling awkwardly while stringed confetti fell from the ceiling.But don’t worry. Democrats made sure to include prerecorded applause from multiple guests, switching back and forth

Obama, in scathing Trump rebuke,
warns democracy on the line 26 replies

Posted by Imright 8/19/2020 7:55:44 PM Post Reply

WASHINGTON— Barack Obama will issue a blistering rebuke of President Donald Trump in Wednesday’s Democratic Party convention, accusing his successor of unleashing America’s “worst impulses” and treating the presidency as a reality show “to get the attention he craves.”In excerpts released ahead of his address, the former president also puts the stakes in the November election in stark terms, warning that the future of American democracy is on the line in the race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.“I am also asking you to believe in your own ability — to embrace your own responsibility as citizens —

Al Gore: Trump Is ‘Putting His Knee on the
Neck of American Democracy’ 24 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/19/2020 11:14:50 AM Post Reply

Ever since the police killing of George Floyd, Democrats have attempted to blame the Republicans and President Donald Trump of somehow abetting police brutality in general or Derek Chauvin, the police officer who put his knee on the neck of George Floyd, in particular. On Monday, former Vice President Al Gore took it one step further. He accused Trump of doing to “democracy” what Chauvin did to George Floyd. This seemed more than a little ironic, given Gore’s own history with military ballots from overseas. Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Gore said, “Americans understand, Anderson, that during a pandemic, there are lots of older voters

Peter Strzok Lashes Out at John Durham
As Kevin Clinesmith Pleads Guilty
to One Charge of Making False Statements 23 replies

Posted by earlybird 8/19/2020 5:06:08 PM Post Reply

Fired FBI Counter-intel chief Peter Strzok lashed out at US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham on Wednesday as former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to one charge of making false statements. In order to save himself, Clinesmith has implicated others on Crossfire Hurricane — who ultimately hid the exculpatory information from the FISA court? Perhaps Peter Strzok is a little nervous he may be next? “Today marks the corrupt transformation of our criminal justice system from a tool to absolve Trump’s allies of wrongdoing into a bludgeon against his enemies.

The USPS Lunacy Continues: Democrat
Lawmaker ‘Chains’ Himself to Mailbox:
Trump’s ‘Not Getting This One!’ 23 replies

Posted by Imright 8/19/2020 3:03:24 PM Post Reply

As the Democrats continue to charge that Donald Trump wants to do away with the US Postal Service, a Democrat Congressman from Oregon (where else?) has come up with a “unique” way to demonstrate his opposition to Trump — by “chaining” himself to a mailbox.Rep. Peter DeFazis, who represents Oregon’s 4th Congressional District (in which the left-wing college town of Eugene is located) “chained” himself to the mailbox on Tuesday, in defiance of the Trump administration’s proposed changes to the the USPS.As reported by The Blaze, the Congressman has recently been on a mission. Rep. Peter DeFazio has been on a social media tirade in recent days,

CNN’s Tapper: ‘Is It Possible That the
Republican Party Is Now the Party of
Deranged Bigots?’ 22 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/19/2020 7:20:37 PM Post Reply

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” anchor Jake Tapper asked former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) if it was “possible that the Republican Party is now the party of deranged bigots.” Tapper asked, “In the last week or so, you were talking about the future of the Republican Party, if Trump wins or if he doesn’t. In the last week or so, two completely unhinged conspiracy theorists, both of them complete bigots as well, have won Republican congressional nominations, Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia in a Republican district and Laura Loomer in Florida in a district that leans Democratic.” “President Trump has praised both of them,

The Rubber Meets the Virtue Signaling
Road: Goodyear Says BLM, LGBT
‘Acceptable’; MAGA, Blue Lives Matter,
Not So Much 22 replies

Posted by mc squared 8/19/2020 3:21:36 PM Post Reply

We can add “America’s Tire Company” to the long and growing list of virtue-signaling corporations that continue to prostrate themselves before the Black Lives Matter altar of pretend “systemic racism.” And for virtue-signaling extra credit, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has told its employees that terms like MAGA, Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter are “unacceptable” in the workplace. As reported by WIBW 13 News in Topeka, Kansas, a Goodyear employee leaked a screenshot of a slide that was presented during a diversity training session showing what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable as part of the company’s new zero-tolerance policy. “Zero-tolerance.” Let’s talk about that for a moment.



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