Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala
Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail 4 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/31/2020 3:20:54 PM Post Reply

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a problem. They know it, the media knows it, everyone knows it. For three months they have ignored the deadly rioting that spread across the nation’s cities on both coasts and in between. They insisted that what we were seeing was “mostly peaceful” protests and that Donald Trump and his evil allies were defaming decent Americans who just want social justice. Now they want to denounce these riots, but there is a problem:Harris is a financial supporter of the rioters she now claims to denounce.

Joe Biden’s statement on the
violence and riots is
way too little, way too late 2 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/31/2020 3:14:30 PM Post Reply

After three months of violence, vandalism, and arson in our biggest cities, all of it excused and encouraged by Democrats, we’re supposed to be impressed that the party’s presidential nominee released a statement calling it “unacceptable.” The national media will no doubt declare the note, posted Sunday night on Biden’s campaign site, a display of true leadership — because nothing arouses them more than a statement with words like “unequivocally” and “condolences.” But it’s far too late for Democrats to pretend that they didn’t overtly advocate for and make excuses for this horror show. They’ve only changed their tune now because street violence, chaos, death,

At RNC, Pocketbook Voters
Articulate Trump’s Appeal 1 reply

Posted by Garnet 8/28/2020 2:25:22 PM Post Reply

Democrats are worried. A centerpiece of their convention last week focused on inspiring personal stories from average working Americans of every color and creed talking about why Trump needs to go. They projected confidence that they had a lock on everyday, working-class Americans. They were wrong. Some of the most poignant and powerful moments of the Republican convention this week have come from Americans from myriad backgrounds offering compelling reasons behind their support for Donald Trump’s second term.Many of these GOP speakers hail from key presidential battleground states and were there to talk about practical pocketbook issues, keeping their jobs and businesses on the right track.

Trump’s strong Republican Convention speech
increases his reelection chances 10 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/28/2020 2:20:54 PM Post Reply

President Trump delivered one of the best speeches of his political career Thursday night as he accepted the Republican National Convention’s nomination for a second term, boosting his chances for reelection.The president’s 70-minute speech was highly effective in the sense that he drew clear and arguably persuasive contrasts between himself and former Vice President Joe Biden in many areas, including their broad-based visions for America, the economy, and law enforcement. In a way that was reminiscent of Trump’s positioning during the 2016 campaign, the president made it clear that he is running as an outsider and a non-politician against Democratic presidential nominee Biden, who Trump characterized as embodying the political class

CNN’s Joe Lockhart suggests
Hurricane Laura hitting Gulf
Coast is ‘karma’ 27 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/27/2020 1:12:41 PM Post Reply

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart is facing more criticism over his Twitter activity, this time suggesting that “karma” is involved in the trajectory of Hurricane Laura.Hurricane Laura was upgraded to a Category 4 storm as it approaches Texas and Louisiana. Anti-Trump writer David Rothkopf questioned whether the hurricane is tied to other events like the coronavirus outbreak and the wildfires that have hit California.”A massive hurricane that may be part of an unprecedented hurricane season is bearing down on the Gulf Coast. California is being devastated by some of the worst fires in history. The worst pandemic in 100 years

CNBC Swing State Poll:
COVID-19 Fears Falling,
Donald Trump Approval Rising 8 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/27/2020 1:07:38 PM Post Reply

A CNBC poll of swing states reports likely voters are growing less concerned about COVID-19 and slightly more approving of President Donald Trump’s job performance. Sixty-six percent of likely voters in the CNBC/Change poll of swing states said they have serious concerns about the virus, down three points from two weeks ago.The poll included voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Forty-seven percent of voters now approve of Trump’s handling of the virus, up three points from earlier in August. The poll surveyed 4,904 people across the six states from Friday through Sunday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.4 percentage points.

We could ‘beat’ COVID-19 before
a vaccine is ready 9 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/26/2020 3:28:06 PM Post Reply

Is a vaccine the only way to return to normal after ­COVID-19? New research into the virus suggests not — that the infection rate may drop to tiny levels before then. Since the spring, scientists have known the virus’s infection fatality rate — how many people it kills compared to the number it infects — is under 1 percent, perhaps as low as 0.2 percent. That lower figure translates into one death for every 500 people infected. We have also known that deaths are seriously skewed by age. The media says older people are at “more” risk from the novel coronavirus than younger people. That’s true,

The mob are turning
into Trump’s useful idiots 8 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/25/2020 11:21:36 AM Post Reply

Protesters have been setting fire to yet another American city today to tell us that black lives matter. This latest eruption is in response to a disturbing video that shows a black man being shot repeatedly in the back by police as he reaches into his car in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The man in question is called Jacob Blake. He is reported to be in a serious condition, but still alive in hospital this morning. An investigation into the shooting is taking place, but the mob smashing up Kenosha doesn’t care about that — it cares about rage and destruction.

The search for collusion 6 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/25/2020 11:18:44 AM Post Reply

Byron York’s new book, Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump, will be published Sept. 8. An account of the long effort to remove President Trump from office, from the roots of the Mueller investigation through the impeachment acquittal, the book includes interviews, documents, and accounts that have never been seen before. (Snip)From Obsession: Trump and his team began the Mueller investigation by believing that 1) they could build a good working relationship with Mueller and 2) it would be all over by the end of 2017, just six months away. “The president wanted it over yesterday,” recalled Michael Bowe. “I believe he felt like any client wrongly accused:

‘An enormous ditch’: Republicans turn
to Charlie Kirk, Trump family confidant,
to close yawning youth voter gap 7 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/24/2020 4:49:16 PM Post Reply

He attacked Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Jill Biden. He went after Chicago’s mayor, the mainstream media, and Black Lives Matter. And he accused former President Barack Obama of lying and said he should be “under investigation for treason—NOT speaking at a political convention.” As the Democratic National Convention unfolded online last week, Charlie Kirk’s Twitter feed looked a lot like President Donald Trump’s. Now, the 26-year-old conservative darling will take his message from Twitter to the (virtual) big stage at the Republican National Convention. Kirk is a Trump family confidant and the head of Turning Point USA, which is devoted to attracting and energizing young voters.

The Things Not Said: What
Do Democrats Have to Hide? 7 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/24/2020 2:12:00 PM Post Reply

In the case of the Democrats, a kind of poetic justice was achieved last week when a virtual convention nominated a virtual candidate for what promises to be a virtual presidency. COVID-19 made both major parties opt for political conventions that don’t put delegates and others at risk with large in-person gatherings, but for Democrats, lessening the risk of disease also meant lessening the risk of the public finding out that there is less than meets the eye to Joe Biden and his candidacy.What was obvious from start to finish was that a pre-recorded, pre-scripted, pre-ordained infomercial gave Democrats the perfect opportunity to divert the attention of America away

Kamala Harris Won’t
Motivate Minority Voters 8 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/21/2020 6:16:49 AM Post Reply

Now that the Democrats have finally finished inflicting their excruciating “virtual convention” on us, it’s useful to consider what they inadvertently revealed about their biggest worry as the November election looms. Nowhere was that angst more obvious than in Wednesday’s soporific speech by Kamala Harris accepting the party’s vice presidential nomination. She began by invoking 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, failing to mention that it was passed and shepherded through the ratification process by the Republican Party, then segued to a desperate plea: “It’s not about Joe or me.… It’s about you … and getting out the vote.” Translation: “The Biden presidential campaign suffers from a deadly enthusiasm deficit.”


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