“Mad Mike” Hughes Rejected Scienceand Chased Fame. It Killed Him.

“Mad Mike” Hughes Rejected Science
and Chased Fame. It Killed Him. 6 replies

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The Mojave Desert had cast its spell over “Mad Mike” Hughes the night he thought to fly to the edge of space. It’s no wonder why. The sky is fall-over-backwards big, wrapping around you in a way that hints at infinite possibilities. After buttery sunsets fade into glowing orange then purple light, the heavens do their high-wattage flexing. Maybe this struck him as an invitation, and maybe that celestial pull was amplified by the proximity to Hollywood, where his fantasies of fame could be spun up into life. It was some intermingling of these elements that brought Hughes and his friend Waldo Stakes

To Destroy America 1 reply

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The protests that sprang up in the wake of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis seemed like spontaneous outpourings of grief and anger. They weren’t entirely. Though many who joined their ranks may have been moved by outrage at the images of Floyd’s death, those operating behind the scenes have prepared for this moment for a long time. Indeed, the leaders of the Black Lives Matter organizations fueling this summer’s disturbances were trained by self-described Marxist revolutionaries who have long used the plight of black Americans as justification for overthrowing America’s constitutional order. They frankly admit that such “organizing” is the key to their goal of world revolution.

Nancy Pelosi just handed
Trump a campaign gift 7 replies

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Nancy Pelosi is one of the — if not the — smartest political strategists in the Democratic Party. As such, she knows that appearances matter in politics. A lot. Which is why her decision to have her hair done indoors at a shop in San Francisco makes so little sense.
In security footage obtained by Fox News, Pelosi is shown inside the salon without a mask. Fox also reported that the owner of the salon, Erica Kious, was angry that Pelosi had been allowed to violate the rules put in place during the coronavirus pandemic that mandates haircuts can only be given outside.

Trump’s stop in Kenosha wasn’t
risky. It was smart politics. 1 reply

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You can understand why Democrats didn’t want President Donald Trump to visit Kenosha to respond to last week’s mob violence, looting and arson. They’re embarrassed. They’re worried about the election in a few months. It’s getting close, and Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in key Midwestern swing states is shrinking. Trump is trying to take advantage of their weakness. He’s the president. He’s in a campaign. And if he had not visited Kenosha, he’d be guilty of political malpractice.

More secrecy in the Jussie Smollett case.
Who is protecting whom now? 8 replies

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For 18 long months, ever since Cook County prosecutors got involved in the case of actor Jussie Smollett, public officials who work for taxpayers have been keeping secrets from them. The attitude of major players in the county’s criminal justice system toward the citizens who employ them has amounted to a dismissive Just trust us. But instead of blindly trusting anyone in this still unfolding legal debacle, the public is left to wonder who’s protecting whom from criticism — and why. The latest declaration that we citizens aren’t entitled to know comes from Judge Michael Toomin. We were pleased when, last August,

The Grandstanding Caste 3 replies

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In recent months, observers have noted a disturbing rise in “cancel culture.” But that is only one way in which the new dispensation does its work. In addition to cancellation, the ideologically woke have also engaged in two other activities: kowtowing and grandstanding. The mainstream media offer exceptional examples of both. First, kowtowing. In a recent New York Times review of Isabel Wilkerson’s new book, Caste, critic Dwight Garner set a new bar for signaling one’s allyship to an ideological cause. “A critic shouldn’t often deal in superlatives,” Garner concedes, before larding his own review of Wilkerson with some whoppers,

Say Its Name, Biden: ‘Antifa’ 6 replies

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Grandpa Badfinger’s coterie of handlers is scrambling to find a way to salvage the sinking candidacy of their scrambled candidate – “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” – and what they have come up with is this: Donald Trump caused these riots because he refuses to say the name of the various criminals whose misconduct initiated the series of events that allegedly led to the riots. Let’s put aside the fact that Trump has almost certainly mentioned some or all of the names of these people in his myriad interviews, speeches, and tweets, because, as we know, objective reality is a bourgeois conceit

A Victory for Property
Rights. And Common Sense. 6 replies

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Federal wildlife conservation officials are proposing, for the first time, to amend regulations that define what “habitat” means under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It’s a clarification of law, and the closing of a loophole, that’s long overdue. Despite the predictable outcry from environmental groups, the proposed habitat definition will likely help species conservation. The new definition simply states that if a species does not or cannot live in a certain area in its current state, it is not habitat. Moreover, the clarity provided by this new definition should decrease the amount of time and resources that federal agencies spend on defending (or attempting to avoid) lawsuits brought by activist groups.

If Texas Is a Battleground, Biden
and Trump Aren’t Acting Like It 5 replies

Posted by StormCnter 9/1/2020 4:32:25 PM Post Reply

At long last, the conventions are behind us. If you watched them both, my condolences. The Democrats’ virtual gathering was alternately grim and corny, in the party’s traditional style. One moment Michelle Obama warned the audience that the United States is about six months away from the Thunderdome. Then the program cut to an incredibly goofy music video of a sixties protest song sung by Billy Porter in long, flowing robes, edited like a segment from the sketch comedy Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job. The Republican convention, meanwhile, featured a series of speakers in front of a massive classical edifice decorated with about four hundred American flags,

Appeals court agrees to delay
release of Trump’s tax returns 5 replies

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A federal appeals court agreed to delay the release of President Trump’s tax returns on Tuesday — hours after it heard arguments from the president’s lawyer about why the papers should remain hidden. The 2nd Circuit Court of appeals ordered the documents remain secret until at least Sept. 25, when they will hear merits argument in the president’s appeal to block a subpoena of the documents by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. The legal battle to keep the tax information hidden stems from an investigation by Vance into Trump’s financial dealings.

Vintage NASA satellite falls to Earth,
meets fiery doom after 56 years in space 7 replies

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A long-retired NASA satellite burned up in Earth’s atmosphere over the weekend, the agency has confirmed. NASA launched the satellite, called Orbiting Geophysics Observatory 1, or OGO-1, in September 1964, the first in a series of five missions to help scientists understand the magnetic environment around Earth. OGO-1 was the first to launch but the last to fall out of orbit; the satellite had circled Earth aimlessly since its retirement in 1971. But orbiting Earth is a tricky thing to do, since the particles in our plush atmosphere collide with spacecraft and slow them down, even at very high altitudes where the atmosphere is thin.

The Democrat Party’s Riots 3 replies

Posted by StormCnter 9/1/2020 4:18:04 PM Post Reply

CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have the collective brain capacity of rising third graders. OK, fair point—there’s no reason for me to insult our children like that. But the one upside of the tumbleweeds blowing through their minds is that sometimes what the Left is really thinking accidentally rolls out of their mouths. Don Lemon recently called on Joe Biden to make a speech addressing the riots and explaining how when it comes to reforming the police, he and Kamala Harris “will take care of this problem” after being elected. “But guess what: the rioting has to stop.” Lemon then revealed the problem:



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