Lib Media Ignores Biggest Convention Story: Trump’s Aggressive Outreach To Black Voters

Lib Media Ignores Biggest Convention Story:
Trump’s Aggressive Outreach To Black Voters 0 replies

Posted by RockyTCB 8/27/2020 6:41:42 AM Post Reply

If Kim Klacik were a Democrat, she would be the talk of the town. An inspiring, energetic, fresh face on the political scene who has produced one of the best political ads in memory. Instead, her talk at the Republican convention was ignored by the press, which thought the biggest story coming out of the GOP meeting was that biased “fact checkers” (who were apparently on a week-long vacation during the Democrats’ convention) were able to come up with a long list of things they could complain about.
There’s a good reason for the media to ignore Klacik. Her message.

Five COVID-19 Charts Democrats
Can’t Let You Know About 8 replies

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If the Democratic National Convention made anything clear, it is that Democrats are entirely invested in making the coronavirus pandemic look worse than it is in the United States. Almost every speaker decried the response and blamed President Donald Trump for the scale of the disease in the country. In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden said “Just judge this president on the facts. Five million Americans infected by COVID-19. More than 170,000 Americans have died. By far the worst performance of any nation on Earth.” Later he said, “We lead the world in confirmed cases. We lead the world in deaths.”

The Stunning Gullibility
Of ‘Republicans For Biden’ 35 replies

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On the eve of the Republican convention, more than two dozen former GOP lawmakers endorsed Joe Biden for president. Trump Derangement Syndrome is spreading faster than COVID-19.
Retired Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake makes his case for supporting Biden by claiming Trump “is not conservative,” that Biden “will approach his constitutional role with the reverence and dignity it deserves” and “reach across the aisle.”
This is the same argument John Kasich, a former congressman and Ohio governor, made at the Democratic National Convention, when he reassured the public that Biden is “respectful” and won’t “turn sharp left” when he gets in

That Dirty Green Energy 12 replies

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We argued last week that California’s blackouts offered a grim preview of the left’s energy agenda. But that’s only part of the carefully concealed truth about renewables. Those solar panels so precious to the you-must-conform greenshirts are a particularly nasty environmental menace.
“The state, once known for its plentiful, cheap and reliable energy supplies, is now dealing with rolling blackouts as its green energy infrastructure buckles under the strain of summer heat,” we said Thursday, because the wind sometimes refuses to blow and the sun isn’t always shining, not even in California.
Of course a few virtue-signaling commenters charged to

California’s Power Failure Is
A Frightening Preview Of
Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ 17 replies

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Among the nightmares ready to descend on America, should the Democrats win in November, is the so-called Green New Deal. It promises lots of renewable green energy at a “modest” $2 trillion cost. Just one more scary, extreme policy idea out of the all-digital 2020 Democratic National Convention.
“We agree with scientists and public health experts that the United States — and the world — must achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, and no later than 2050,” the Democratic Party platform states.
“To reach net-zero emissions as rapidly as possible, Democrats commit to eliminating carbon pollution from power plants

The Dems’ Phony Election Mail ‘Crisis’
Is Over, But The Real One Remains 3 replies

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The New York Times on Monday declared that the “Postal Crisis Ripples Across Nation as Election Looms.” On Tuesday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy canceled changes he’d started to enact that Democrats claimed were “sabotaging” mail delivery at the behest of President Donald Trump.
DeJoy said it was “to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gloated that “They felt the heat. And that’s what we were trying to do, make it too hot for them to handle.”
Democrats had claimed that not only was the situation at the post office a crisis, but

It Was Obama, Not Trump,
Who Failed The Constitution 4 replies

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One of the key aspects of the Trump presidency has been his success at maintaining the vibrant and dynamic role of the office of the president. In John Yoo’s latest book “Defender in Chief,” he counters the narrative that President Trump challenges our constitutional order. On the contrary, Yoo explains, President Trump has been quite remarkable in promoting and protecting the presidency as an integral part of our federal system.
From its inception, our Constitution contemplated that the head of the federal government have the agility and flexibility to accomplish his agenda – one that had been presented to the public

Joe Biden’s Mask Mandate
Is Only The Beginning 21 replies

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At a briefing on Thursday, Joe Biden called for a nationwide mask-wearing mandate “for the next three months at a minimum.” Never mind that such a federal mandate is likely unconstitutional, this is just one of a multitude of areas where Biden, and his running mate Kamala Harris, want to impose the federal government on even the most mundane of actions by Americans.
It is surely worth noting, especially by those who claim to value liberty, that Biden and Harris eagerly desire to take much of it away, always in the name of some greater good. Indeed, over the course

Elected Officials Need To Quell Riots
Or There’ll Be Bloody Street Justice 13 replies

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When a group of black bloc “protesters” arrived over the weekend at a Fort Collins, Colorado, neighborhood that was hosting a pro-police rally, the locals turned back the troublemakers. It wasn’t a particularly vicious encounter. But it was a foretaste. We’ll be seeing more violence in our streets unless elected leaders start doing their jobs.
Everyday Americans, seeing the savagery committed without consequence by Antifa, and in the name of Black Lives Matter, are fed up. They’ve seen the looting, the destruction, the assaults, and the death that the “mostly peaceful” demonstrators are leaving behind. They understand the difference between

A Vote For Biden Puts Far-Left
Kamala Harris In Line To Be
President — Scared Yet? 9 replies

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No one should be at all surprised that the mentally fading Joe Biden selected California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate. He painted himself into a political corner by his own foolish decisions, and needed to do something to revive his moribund, basement-bound campaign. Sorry, Joe, we doubt this will do it. But we do worry about your health.
Biden, trying to pander to as many Democratic constituencies as possible, promised early on to pick a woman for his vice president. Why he would automatically exclude roughly half of humanity from the selection process tells you a lot.

Democrats Found Their
Scapegoat If Biden Loses –
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy 10 replies

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The postmaster general is rarely a household name. Expect that to change should the Democrats lose in November. If that happens, they will try to turn Louis DeJoy into the Vladimir Putin of the 2020 elections.
DeJoy took the helm of the postal office in June, and since then the former head of New Breed Logistics has been trying to bring some semblance of fiscal order to an operation that has been losing billions of dollars for years.
“Without dramatic change, there is no end in sight, and we face an impending liquidity crisis,” DeJoy told the U.S. Postal Service’s

Wealth Tax On Billionaires?
Great … If You Want Stagnation,
Fewer Jobs, More Poverty 9 replies

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Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has another bright socialist idea: A 60% wealth tax on billionaires to pay for nationalized health care for a year. Such nuttiness would be easy to ignore were it not for the fact he’s now the driving intellectual force behind Joe Biden’s basement-based presidential campaign.
As any economist worth his salt will tell you, a wealth tax is perhaps the most pernicious tax, since it punishes people retroactively for their hard work, thrift and smart investments.
Not only does it dissuade people from accumulating wealth, but it also dramatically reduces the amount of