Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha protest homicides, considered himself militia

Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha
protest homicides, considered himself
militia 1 reply

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Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with shooting three people — two of them fatally — during a Kenosha protest Tuesday evening, thought of himself as a militia member trying to protect life and property, according to videos, interviews and social media posts. Video shot in the hours before the shooting shows Rittenhouse hanging out with older armed men, who tell the reporter they’re protecting a car lot. Rittenhouse then introduces himself as Kyle. He also did a video interview with the Daily Caller in front of a boarded up building. “People are getting injured and our job is to protect this business,”

Key Russian Collusion Hoaxer And Dossier
Peddler At Obama’s State Dept. Worked
For Sanctioned Russian Oligarch 3 replies

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Jonathan Winer, a former top aide to Secretary of State John Kerry who was a key conduit for disseminating the discredited Steele dossier in the U.S. government, worked as a lobbyist for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in years preceding the Russiagate affair. This revelation raises new questions about Russian efforts to influence American foreign policy — far afield from any Kremlin efforts to favor Donald Trump. Winer’s connection to Deripaska came to light through last week’s release of the fifth and final volume of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.The Senate report also found that at different times ex-British spy Christopher Steele had

Hennepin County Medical Examiner Initially
Said George Floyd Had Fatal Level of
Fentanyl in His System 5 replies

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Newly released evidence filed in the case against the four former Minneapolis Police officers accused of murdering George Floyd indicate that a “fatal level” of fentanyl was found in Floyd’s blood, suggesting that he died of an overdose, not asphyxiation. The toxicology report also found Methamphetamine, Norfentanyl, and 4-ANPP in Floyd’s bloodstream. (Image)“[Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the June 1 memo said. (Snip)Regardless, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner ultimately concluded on June 1 that Floyd’s death was a homicide,

The death of Breonna Taylor: Report
details why Louisville police decided to
forcibly enter her apartment 4 replies

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An internal report written by Louisville Metro Police after officers fatally shot Breonna Taylor on March 13 sheds more light on the reasons why they chose to forcibly enter her South End apartment the night she was killed. However, it provides no explanations or evidence aimed at justifying the shooting that has sparked three months of protests in Louisville and national outrage, with critics accusing police of smashing into the home of an unarmed Black woman for no legitimate reason and killing her. The 39-page report (Snip) show that Taylor had more extensive ties than previously made public with an accused drug trafficker who was at the center of a larger narcotics

RNC Night 1 Rejects Hollywood Host For
Night Dominated By Everyday Americans 4 replies

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Night one of the Republican National Committee’s first-ever remote convention kicked off Monday, rejecting Democrats’ hosted model for a faster-paced, single-location-centered event that beat its competitor in production value and rally atmosphere, although still stunted by the lack of a live audience. Activists and everyday Americans stole the show, telling moving stories of the fights, lessons, victories and tragedies that brought them to that stage, skillfully parlaying those stories into specific policies they support the president on. While some veteran public speakers struggled in an empty room bereft of boos, cheers, and applause, the understated and often emotional deliveries of the less-experienced speakers hit the high notes of the evening,

Biden, Trump get ‘incomplete’ on vision
for future 8 replies

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Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said Tuesday that both the Trump and Biden campaigns get “an incomplete” on communicating their visions for the future. Messina, speaking after the first night of the Republican National Convention, said President Trump and the GOP have not put enough emphasis on policy ideas ahead of November, especially in light of the some 54 million Americans who have filed for unemployment since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. “As you know, [Trump] trails Biden by 17 points, and it’s not just enough to rip down Joe Biden. If you’re the incumbent, you gotta kind of paint a picture of where you’re going to take the future,

Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump
had extensive contact with Obama
officials, memos show 5 replies

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In December 2015, the Obama State Department and its ambassador in Kiev were upset over a negative story about then-Vice President Joe Biden ahead of his visit to Ukraine. So a U.S. embassy official turned to a “sensitive source” for help. “Thank you very much for looking into this and very sorry to ask,” U.S. embassy official Alexander “Sasha” Kasanof wrote businessman Konstantin Kilimnik in a Dec. 6, 2015 email.(Sniip) Ordinarily, such discussions would raise little interest in everyday America. But it turns out Kilimnik is no ordinary contact: The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last week described Kilimnik as a Russian intelligence officer in its final report on Russian interference

A Mister Rogers for the White House?
Oh, Please 13 replies

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The Democrats managed to launch the pantomime horse of their nominees into the election campaign after a strained farce of a virtual convention. It is an ambitious exercise. An election platform, no major components of which could possibly receive the support of a majority of Americans, is fronted by an apparently inoffensive presidential candidate and an ostensibly presentable running mate. And the sleight-of-hand of making these two the standard-bearers of a radical socialist and authoritarian program was covered by a diversionary crescendo of Trump-hate. Examined carefully, none of it is remotely acceptable to a majority of Americans. The Democrats’ presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is 77. And after 48 years

Racist White Guy At Mother Jones Calls
Tim Scott And Herschel Walker Uncle Toms 22 replies

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Some white guy named Tommy Craggs who is the enterprise editor (whatever that is) at Mother Jones has a message for black conservatives like Sen. Tim Scott, former NFL great Herschel Walker, and congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik. Tommy wants them to know that they are being used by racist Republicans who are just dying to say the N-word. In a piece subtitled, “Your nightly guide to racism at the Republican National Convention,” Craggs calls the black speakers at last night’s convention the GOP’s “black friends.” See, Tommy knows a lot about racism, he’s probably read at least one book about it and he knows better than a black sitting US

Trouble: One out of four Democrats thinks
their party platform stinks 12 replies

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Democrats put on the broad face of party unity at their convention, but don’t be fooled: One of four voted against the party platform — not because it’s too crazy, but because it not socialist enough. That presents a dilemma for tired old Joe Biden. According to Emily Zanotti at the Daily Wire: Democrats are more divided than they appear according to numbers released by the Democratic National Committee following their nominating convention last week. (Snip)of the 5,000 delegates that voted on the party’s platform, widely recognized as the most progressive Democratic Party platform in years, more than a thousand delegates — around 25% of all attendees — voted against the decision

Yes There Be Thorns – Media Rose Garden
Outrage is the Stuff of Fertilizer as They
Get Every Detail Wrong 13 replies

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There is the fragrance of desperation as the media effort to slander the First Lady got everything incorrect It seems the derangement in the press to demean anything the president and his wife are connected with can be limitless. (Snip) there was an immediate backlash from the press when it was announced that the First Lady Melania Trump was unveiling the restored White House Rose Garden. Rather than praise, or at least some introspection as to what had been undertaken(Snip) members of the media were content to simply lash out, and in so doing avoided anything resembling facts.(Snip) one thing they were not busy with was actually researching what they were

Clinesmith’s Guilty Plea: The Perfect
Snapshot of Crossfire Hurricane
Duplicity 6 replies

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To answer the question posed in last Tuesday’s column, Yes, Kevin Clinesmith did plead guilty Wednesday. Sort of.Well, maybe it was a smidge better than “sort of.” After all, it did happen in a federal-district-court proceeding (Snip) And Judge James Boasberg did accept the plea after eliciting it in accordance with settled criminal-law rules. Sentencing is scheduled for December 10. So it’s official. But I’m sticking with “sort of.” If Clinesmith’s guilty plea is legally adequate, it is barely so. And neither a judge nor a prosecutor is required to accept an allocution sliced so fine. In “admitting” guilt, Clinesmith ended up taking the position that I hoped the judge,


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