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City spokesman Rowan Anderson confirmed the eligibility expansion and said international students will be required to provide the same proof of income as all other applicants, which could include a notice of assessment, an employment insurance document or CERB verification.

Of the 3,000 U of A international students expected to be in Edmonton for the fall semester, Singh said about 2,000 students should be able to provide this documentation since they file income taxes in Canada. Finding a solution for the other 1,000 students is still a top priority, but in the interim they qualify for youth fares.

Another looming concern is the turnaround time of the application process, Singh said. With the fall semester right around the corner and many students likely to apply, he said he is hopeful the influx of applications can be completed as soon as possible for the September monthly pass.

Through the Ride Transit program, residents with an annual income of less than $29,069 can qualify for a $34 monthly pass, which is $11 less than the U-Pass monthly cost of $45. Those with an income between $29,070 and $33,033 are eligible for a $48.50 monthly pass.