Growing Things: How to cure dogwood leaf curl and keep cats out of the garden

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Too much or too little water can also cause the problem you have described. Check your soil to see if it is draining properly and make sure that you are watering enough. Drying winds can also cause the problem if the area is exposed to a lot of wind.

Q: Why are ants attracted to peony buds, and is there any purpose to their presence on the buds? Should the ants be dissuaded from climbing over the buds? Thank you for your answer.

A: The ants are attracted by the sweet nectar that can be found in the flower bud scales. The ants are causing no damage, so they are not really a problem.

Q: Recently, we have been noticing and smelling some cat pee in our beds. Just wondering if you have any advice as to what we can do to stop the cat(s) from using our yard.

A: This is an age-old problem and one that I have not addressed for some time. There are a number of things you can try to keep the kitties out of your beds. First, you can try laying down some spruce or pine boughs in your beds. Cats do not like the feel of the sharp needles and the needles do not harm them.

Second, you can lay down some chicken wire. This mesh can be laid around existing plants and it will prevent the cats from being able to dig in the soil. This usually discourages them from using the garden as potty central.

Finally, you can go high tech by using a motion0activated sprinkler. Many of these sprinklers use only three or four cups of water per squirt and are safe for animals.

Q: Could you tell me the best time of year to transplant a rhubarb plant? Can the whole plant be moved or is it better to divide the plant? Also, my rhubarb plant has been going to seed/flower very early in the spring. Is this normal for an older plant?


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