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So someone proposes small nuclear reactors that could supply in full, or augment power from renewables and that idea is shot down without any regard for research. Renewables will not ever be able to supply 100 per cent of the power needed. Wind power kills birds. Solar power is sporadic. Any long-lived lack of sunshine could jeopardize our electric grid and uses up acres and acres of land. Regardless of what source of power is used there are potential dangers.

I suggest that anyone who protests any form of energy-producing process be sequestered in a room and they have to come up with a viable strategy that is affordable and that can be produced with certainty for years to come.

I would be curious to know if all those protesters have windmills and solar arrays to power their homes, and do they drive electric vehicles?  Where they work, are they powered by 100-per-cent renewables? Until protesters walk the talk, they should stop protesting and come up with solutions.

Dave Rudichuk, Edmonton

Clarifying statement on COVID-19

Re. “It’s time to send our children back to school,” Opinion, Aug. 19

You can definitely get COVID-19 from being in the same room as an infected person

In my Aug. 19 op-ed, the original version stated, “Good hand washing prior to touching food or one’s face and avoidance of close contact with others whenever practical are strategies that are likely to be effective; it is exceedingly rare and maybe not even possible to acquire the virus simply by being in the same room as an infected person”.