Friday evening, Aug. 28: Coronavirus by the numbers in Florida

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State agencies updated a variety of numbers Friday related to the coronavirus in Florida. Here are some takeaways:

— 615,806: Total number of cases.

— 3,815: Increase in cases from a Thursday count.

— 10,957: Deaths of Florida residents.

—- 89: Increase in deaths from a Thursday count.

— 3,573,943: Unemployment claims processed from March 15 to Thursday.

— 1,927,721: Unemployment claimants paid.

— 14,483,632,109: State and federal dollars paid to claimants.

— 15,501: State prison inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19.

— 2: Prisons that have had 1,000 or more inmate cases (Columbia Correctional Institution and Lowell Correctional Institution).

— 2,556: State corrections workers who have tested positive.

— 24.5: Percentage of available hospital beds statewide.

— 19.9: Percentage of available adult intensive-care unit beds statewide.

Sources: Florida Department of Health, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida Department of Corrections, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

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