Edmonton police officer slapped with 60-hour suspension for impaired care of a vehicle

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The woman was identified as Heppner by her driver’s licence and the RCMP officer found an EPS badge and her police ID. There was a fob to start the vehicle in Heppner’s purse. The officer smelled liquor from inside the vehicle and on Heppner’s breath. He noticed her speech was slurred and her eyes were red and glossy. She seemed confused about where she was.

Heppner was placed under arrest and taken to RCMP headquarters. She provided a single breathalyzer sample after 16 attempts from RCMP to obtain one. Her blood alcohol was registered at 0.15 mg per cent. The technician was unable to take a second sample after 18 further attempts.

Heppner was charged with impaired care and control of a motor vehicle and failure or refusal to comply with demand.

She plead guilty to the impairment charge and received a fine of $1,000 plus a victim surcharge of $300.

Kamins found the court decision proved Heppner’s charge of discreditable conduct by contravening an Act of Parliament.

Kamins heard Heppner had no prior discipline record and accepted responsibility for her actions throughout the investigation.

She received the minimum sentence in provincial court and has sought counselling. Kamins heard her auto insurance has risen to the range of $8,000 and the drunk driving incident has cost her around $20,000.

Kamins found the 60-hour suspension amounts to a $3,219 fine at her current pay level and is an appropriate penalty.

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