Dan Crenshaw breaks down ‘what it would belike’ if Dems controlled the White House andCongress

Dan Crenshaw breaks down ‘what it would be
like’ if Dems controlled the White House and
Congress 0 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 11:23:42 PM Post Reply

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw laid out a series of “radical Democrat policies” that would be enacted if the party wins control over the House, Senate, and White House in November. In a short video, Crenshaw, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer briefly broke down several pieces of legislation that have already been passed by the Democrat-controlled House and would very likely be passed by a Democrat-controlled Senate and signed by a President Joe Biden. “Ever wonder what it would be like if they had all branches of government?” Crenshaw, 36, asked. “Well, this is a pretty good indication.”

Shelley Luther, Dallas hair salon owner who
defied Covid-19 shutdown, is running for
office in Texas 1 reply

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 10:44:59 PM Post Reply

Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther is running for state senate in Texas to represent local business owners and individuals who want to make their own informed decisions during the pandemic. Luther, a Republican, appears to be pro-choice as far as freedom of movement and face masks are concerned. Moreover, Luther described Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide mask mandate as “ridiculous” and believes that any further measures related to COVID should be subject to the approval by the state legislature “otherwise, we’ll turn into a communist state.” “I feel like if a business owner wants to require a mask to come in, then that’s their right,”

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of
Positive COVID Results Should Have Been
Negative 9 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 3:09:15 AM Post Reply

Testing, testing, testing — that’s how Pelosi and the Democrats say we’ll defeat the coronavirus. Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration are conducting “operation warp speed” at breakneck pace to develop therapeutics, diagnostics, and a vaccine for the Wuhan flu. Unlike testing, treatments will actually do something for you when you come down sick with the disease. But now we’re learning the overwhelming majority of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus should really have been found negative after all. According to The New York Times, potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies

New Low for CNN: Network Pits Family of
Slain Retired Officer David Dorn Against
One Another 3 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 3:03:55 AM Post Reply

As you know, CNN is garbage. Just when you think the network can’t go any lower, CNN decides to bring on the family of David Dorn – the retired African American police officer who was killed at a left-wing riot back in June – to conduct a Jerry Springer style interview where family members fight over whether or not their slain relative would have supported President Trump’s re-election. Dorn’s wife, Ann, gave a heart-wrenching address at the RNC convention, imploring Americans to end the bloodshed and cast their ballots for President Trump. CNN didn’t even care enough about David Dorn to report his death,

Huge: Black Support for Trump Surges
After Convention 17 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 2:55:34 AM Post Reply

President Donald Trump received an astonishing surge in black support during the Republican National Convention, a new poll has found. The latest Hill-HarrisX poll, conducted August 22-25, shows 24 percent of registered black voters approve of President Trump, a jump of 9 points from the previous survey taken August 8-11. Trump’s support from Hispanic voters also increased to 32 points, up from 30 points in the previous survey. In 2016, Trump won the election with 8 percent of the black vote and 29 percent of the Hispanic vote. The Republican National Convention prominently featured minority speakers challenging the narrative that minorities are “supposed to vote” for the Democrats.

Welcome to ‘The Purge’: New GOP Ad Blows
The Dems Out of the Water over BLM Violence 3 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 2:46:04 AM Post Reply

The GOP has put out a new ad that encompasses just a few incidents that happened over about 24 hours at the end of this week. But that’s really all they needed to convey their point: short and to the point with the blaring horn of “The Purge” in the background. They could have put a lot in, given the months of violence. But sometimes short is much more effective. The ad shows a couple being stalked by an insane BLM person in a full hood. She screamed obscenities at them and threatened the man that she was going to “f**k him up.”

Tension Building In Portland As Pro-Trump
Rally Is Confronted By Counter-Protesters 2 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 2:36:37 AM Post Reply

A massive Pro-Trump rally consisting of hundreds of vehicles – a lot of trucks and SUVs — entered Portland around 7:00 pm local time, headed for the downtown area that has been the location of many nighttime protests over the past three months. It is unsure at this point if the Pro-Trump rally is intending to remain in the downtown area later into the evening when the Antifa/BLM protesters usually being their activities, or whether the Antifa/BLM protesters will direct their activities to the suburbs where they have spent a majority of their nights since leaving the streets surrounding the federal courthouse in downtown.

Based on Recent Results the USPS Is Only
Part of the Problem with Mail-in Voting 3 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 2:11:06 AM Post Reply

Between the two conventions this month there has been a curious dose of dissonance emerging on the left and in the press. At once there has been the effort made to declare Qanon a toxic conspiracy mill, with the intent of making anyone who can be accused of connection or being supportive poisoned as a result. At the same time these sources have been willing to push the narrative that President Trump is attempting to shut down the US Postal Service ahead of the proposed nationwide mail-in voting effort. It is a marvel of obliviousness that those who are decrying conspiracy theories are circulating “proof’’ of the President’s alleged efforts.

The People, Yes 4 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/30/2020 1:38:45 AM Post Reply

Poet Carl Sandberg had a special relationship with hard-working Americans, the people whose sweat and tears built this country. Ordinary people who met life head-on and accomplished some extraordinary things. The two conventions were like paintings of the same country done in stark contrasts. The Democrat convention painted a dark picture of a nation whose glass was more than half empty. “If you think things can’t get worse…,” bellowed former First Lady Michelle Obama. The Republicans, in contrast, hoisted a glass that was again on its way to overflowing. One side was pessimistic and angry. The other, brimming with optimism and hope. The Republicans painted with bright colors. No pastels.

The time Kamala grinned and said protesters
are ‘never going to stop … and they SHOULD not’ 12 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/29/2020 11:00:37 PM Post Reply

Two months ago, on June 18th, current Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris told “The Late Show” show Stephen Colbert that the then-just-emerging Black Lives Matter riots — or what she’d termed “protests” — “are not going to stop.” “They’re not going to stop. This is a movement,” she emphatically declared. “They’re not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. Everyone should take note of that on both levels, that they’re not going to let up, and they should not, and we should not.”

Michael Moore warns Dems: Trump voters’
enthusiasm is ‘Off The Charts!’ 30 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/29/2020 5:50:28 AM Post Reply

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore offered a dire warning to Democrats after the conclusion of the Republican Convention, telling the “Resistance” that the level of voter excitement for President Trump far exceeds that for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “Sorry to have to provide the reality check again, but when CNN polled registered voters in August in just the swing states, Biden and Trump were in a virtual tie. In Minnesota, it’s 47-47. In Michigan, where Biden had a big lead, Trump has closed the gap to 4 points,” Moore began a Facebook post on Friday. “Are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again?

Glenn Beck offers humble mea culpa for initial
opposition to Trump: ‘I feel truly horrible for
the things I said’ 71 replies

Posted by ladydawgfan 8/29/2020 3:10:07 AM Post Reply

Blaze TV founder and conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck posted a stunningly honest apology to fans and to President Donald Trump for his opposition to a candidate he initially believed had no shot at the White House and was wrong for the country. “I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about @realDonaldTrump. I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian),” Beck said to open a lengthy Twitter thread. “I expected @realDonaldTrump to take control federally at the first opportunity. Here we are in a massive crisis.



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