Children playing with dynamite

Children playing with dynamite 0 replies

Posted by DVC 8/22/2020 12:05:07 PM Post Reply

The Antifa and BLM rioters doing their best to destroy leftist cities ruled by confused idealists are the outward manifestation of a more dangerous impulse threatening to destroy all of America. It is an impulse to self-deification that motivates the rioters and their enablers to see themselves as righteous crusaders saving the world. They insist that the rest of us conform to their lofty worldview, but they are like children playing with idealistic dynamite, oblivious to its destructive power while they earnestly fumble with matches to light the fuse.

The Cold, Hard Truth about the Post Office 0 replies

Posted by DVC 8/22/2020 11:39:30 AM Post Reply

Apparently, Congress doesn’t have time to pass an economic stimulus package and save the American economy, but they do have time to address — in an emergency session no less — the Post Office. Yeah, yeah, we’re being told that it’s some deep plot to fiddle with the election by suppressing mail-in ballots, but why don’t we look at the facts? I do know a little about the Postal Service — my dad was a “letter carrier” for over thirty years. Back then, we called him a “mailman” because, well, he delivered mail, and he was man. But today…

Goodyear clarifies policy on MAGA,
pro-police gear after Trump boycott
call 43 replies

Posted by DVC 8/20/2020 5:14:53 PM Post Reply

Goodyear clarified its policy on acceptable workplace attire on Thursday, one day after reports that one of its facilities in Topeka, Kansas had banned “Make America Great Again” and “Blue Lives Matter” apparel which prompted President Trump to call for a boycott of the Ohio-based company. Goodyear Chairman and CEO Rich Kramer said the slide from a presentation at the Topeka plant “was not approved or distributed by Goodyear Corporate or anyone outside of that facility.” The company has clarified its policy to inform employees that they can “express support for law enforcement through apparel at Goodyear facilities,” but are asked to “refrain” from wearing apparel of a political nature.

Iran fumes, warns of ‘dangerous future’
for UAE over historic
US-brokered deal with Israel 7 replies

Posted by DVC 8/15/2020 2:08:20 PM Post Reply

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard warned of a “dangerous future” for the United Arab Emirates over a U.S.-brokered agreement that sees the UAE open up diplomatic relations with Israel. The Iranian guard called it “shameful” and an “evil action” underwritten by the U.S. that would set back U.S. influence and bring a “dangerous future” for the government.
That comes after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised address that the UAE had made a “huge mistake” in normalizing ties with Israel and that it would allow the U.S. ally to gain a “foothold in the region.” The Iranian Foreign Ministry had released a statement Friday in which it decried the “shameful move to normalize

Amid surge in first-time gun buyers,
experts stress safety and training 15 replies

Posted by DVC 8/15/2020 1:45:24 PM Post Reply

Amid a surge in first-time gun buyers, there is a bigger emphasis on the importance of people understanding the process of becoming licensed or permitted — and using weapons safely. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported there are more than 2.5 million first-time gun owners in the first four months of this year, with the most commonly attributed motivation being personal protection, followed by hunting and target shooting. Tim Schmidt, founder and president of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, told Fox News that someone going through the process of obtaining a permit or license to carry a gun

Durham probe: Ex-FBI lawyer to plead
guilty in first criminal case arising from
review, attorney says 13 replies

Posted by DVC 8/14/2020 12:08:13 PM Post Reply

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will plead guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review of the investigation into links between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign, Clinesmith’s attorney told The Associated Press on Friday. Clinesmith was referred for potential prosecution by the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office, which conducted its own review of the Russia investigation. Specifically, the inspector general accused Clinesmith, though not by name, of altering an email about former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page to say that he was “not a source” for another government agency. Page has said he was a source for the CIA.

Fairfax County, Virginia public schools tell
parents not to hire tutors because it is
unfair to kids whose parents can’t
afford them 31 replies

Posted by DVC 8/12/2020 4:28:26 PM Post Reply

If you had any doubt that hard-left ideologues run government school systems in many (most?) places, take a look at Fairfax County, Virginia’s most populous county, with over a million residents, one of the richest counties in the United States with an average household income well over one hundred thousand dollars. The educrats who run the Fairfax public schools have advised parents there not to hire tutors or organize informal homeschool “pods” to replace the shuttered schools because some parents cannot afford to do so, and that would be “unfair.”

Navy veteran saved by Chihuahua
after having a stroke 8 replies

Posted by DVC 8/10/2020 11:00:53 PM Post Reply

A North Carolina Chihuahua is credited with saving his owner’s life last week, according to a report from WCTI. Eighty-six-year-old Navy Veteran Rudy Armstrong survived a stroke after his little dog Bubu ran to get help. Armstrong lives alone with his furry companion in a houseboat in Oriental, a town in Pamlico County, but Bubu was able to lead a nearby dockmaster back to Armstrong’s home to assist the sick vet.

Tucker rips lack of coverage of DC
mass shooting, claims media silent
to help Biden campaign 5 replies

Posted by DVC 8/10/2020 10:49:47 PM Post Reply

The single biggest U.S. mass shooting of 2020 occurred over the weekend in Washington, but because the story didn’t “help the Biden campaign,” it went largely unreported on, Tucker Carlson said Monday. “Twenty-one people were shot in this single incident … more than half of them were women. One was a D.C. Police officer. It was the single biggest mass shooting in America this year and yet you probably heard nothing about it,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said. “Members of Congress didn’t lock arms on the House floor to demand an end to the gun violence, CNN didn’t book a procession of weepy teenage gun-control activists

Coronavirus good news for a change 1 reply

Posted by DVC 7/19/2020 8:03:07 PM Post Reply

The Our World in Data project (website:, from the Oxford Martin School of the University of Oxford, contains a wealth of information on COVID-19 (and on many other subjects, too) that anybody, even the lying media, can view through interactive charts. I was curious to know just how far along we are in the progression of the pandemic here in the U.S., and from their tables I extracted the following information for confirmed COVID-19 cases as a percentage of people tested (weekly intervals, three-day rolling average): March 16, 2020: 6.5%; March 23, 11.2%; March 31, 15.0%. April 6, 17.2%; April 13, 18.6%; April 20,

More parents consider homeschooling
as permanent option during coronavirus
pandemic 10 replies

Posted by DVC 7/19/2020 1:19:23 AM Post Reply

Jacklynn Walters has homeschooled her oldest child for the last 6 years. When schools closed early this year to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, this mom of four says she didn’t have to worry about her children’s education. “I had a number of parents concerned about their child getting behind because they weren’t finishing that last little bit of their school semesters,” she said. “It wasn’t something in my mind. I didn’t have to worry about my child getting behind or even in the future.” Walters volunteers as the media director for the homeschooling organization Midwest Parent Educators. She says more parents are inquiring about homeschooling.

Kansas dog makes 50-mile trek
to her old home in Missouri 3 replies

Posted by DVC 7/19/2020 12:55:11 AM Post Reply

A dog named Cleo who disappeared from her home in Kansas earlier this month turned up a few days later at her old home in Missouri, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away. Colton Michael told television station KMBC that the 4-year-old Labrador retriever-border collie mix showed up on the front porch of his family’s home in Lawson, which is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northeast of Kansas City. At first, she wouldn’t let anyone get near her, said Michael, who has lived in the home for nearly two years. “She finds her way home, and there’s some strangers living in it. That would be scary for anybody,” he said.


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