California: The GoldenState in Utter Decay

California: The Golden
State in Utter Decay 0 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/23/2020 9:35:50 AM Post Reply

California is a mess; no secret there. But the degree of decline that befalls it, and the quickness with which that decline is moving, seems to be largely ignored, particularly by Californians themselves. (snip) Wildfires, unfortunately, are among the least of California’s woes. Homelessness in the state has become a major problem, and one that is having a significant impact on the quality of life for taxpayers. (snip) In spite of an abundance of bad news items hitting California on a regular basis, the most ominous challenge is undoubtedly the fiscal time bomb that looms, and whose ticking grows louder by the day.

Contrary to appearances,
sometimes karma
does get leftists 0 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/23/2020 9:32:08 AM Post Reply

What’s been frustrating for four years is that Democrats are escaping well-deserved consequences. Those behind the Russia hoax, which is easily the most serious political scandal in American history, have not only walked free, they’ve gotten rich through book deals and speaking engagements. (snip) This sense of karmic passes may explain the enthusiasm for a video showing a driver so busy signaling her disdain for Trump supporters that she crashes into another car — only to learn that the police were eyewitnesses.

Will Biden Survive the First Debate? 21 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/23/2020 4:48:10 AM Post Reply

The first presidential debate is next Tuesday, and I don’t see Biden surviving. His campaign has been playing “hide the Crypt-Keeper” since spring, occasionally proving to the public that he’s still ticking by having him tussle with a teleprompter while “objective journalists” participate in make-believe interviews. Biden’s cognitive decline is now so steep that he begins reading pre-written answers to pre-written questions, forgets what he’s doing halfway through, and settles for stringing syllables together that sound English-y in a non–native speaker sort of way. He is a man forever in search of a thought but finding none

Transition Integrity Project founder
calls for execution of former
National Security Council official,
and mocks those who express disgust 9 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/22/2020 9:16:36 AM Post Reply

Now here’s a real charmer, wafting in from the Trump-haters — the founder of the “civility”-preaching “Transition Integrity Project,” who’s now calling for public executions for wrongthink: “Michael Anton is the Robert Brasillach of our times and deserves the same fate” The Transition Integrity Project is an unholy alliance of still-bitter #NeverTrumps, and Democratic Party operatives of the sleaziest kind. (snip) The Transition Integrity Project recently put out a conspiracy-theory set of scenarios forecasting big instability under various election scenarios

Knowing what’s at stake,
Trump-supporters increasingly
refuse to hide in the shadows 8 replies

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A curious thing is happening in America, and you’d have to work pretty hard to ignore it. Trump-supporters are emerging from the shadows in large numbers, even in places you might not expect. One might not be incredibly surprised to hear about masses of Trump-supporters rallying and taking part in patriotic parades in red states like Texas and even swing states like Florida, but eyebrows tend to rise when they begin happening in the capital city of the most important political stronghold of the Democratic Party. Back in May, I and my family attended the Liberty Fest rally held in Sacramento.

Amateur Jared Kushner vs. Pro John Kerry 32 replies

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Donald Trump has outsourced his Middle East policy to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. At best, it would be a waste of time, as Kushner had no experience in foreign policy. At worst, he will use this opportunity to line his own pockets. That was one of the many lines of attacks waged by the mainstream media on President Trump. Why is amateur Kushner in the White House at all, they asked indignantly? Then something unexpected happened: The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced peace deals with Israel. This good news for the world was bad news for the media.

As a Trump-hating son shows,
nobody does self-righteous
hatred like the left 35 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/21/2020 8:48:04 AM Post Reply

Leo Guinan (“he/him”) has bravely and smugly gone public with his decision to blackmail his father for being a Trump supporter. Unless daddy changes his ways, he’ll never see his grandchildren again. Guinan oozes self-righteous hatred. The only good thing about his post is that people were appalled and contemptuous. (snip) This wonderful human being wrote a now-viral post entitled, “Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son.” He explains that he was traumatized by finding a Trump sign in his father’s yard.

Please spare me the maudlin rhetoric
about Ginsburg’s ’tragic’ death 23 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/21/2020 7:20:18 AM Post Reply

The insufferable Chris Wallace of Fox News kept referring to the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “tragic” on yesterday’s edition of Fox News Sunday. While I am full of sympathy for her family, loved ones, and friends who all have lost someone they deeply mourn, I cannot see how her death is “tragic” — unless one is a partisan Democrat fearing loss of control of the Supreme Court. (snip) We should all be so lucky as to live so long, receive the best medical care in the world, and be surrounded by family as we shuffle off this mortal coil

Collins and Murkowski should abstain 22 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/21/2020 5:07:59 AM Post Reply

As the Holy War concerning filling Justice Ginsburg’s seat begins in earnest, one question which the Republican side and President Trump should certainly pose, is what would the Democrats do if the situation were reversed? (snip) here is a suggestion for how Collins and Murkowski can live with their decision to not vote for a nominee (snip) both Senators should abstain from the vote for confirmation if it is held before Election Day. If their opposition is to the timing and not the nominee, why should they vote no? Both Senators have made clear their opposition is to the timing.

NeverTrumpers Unhinged Over
Their Growing Irrelevance 5 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/21/2020 5:04:57 AM Post Reply

Washington D.C. has always been a club, with decorum and strict membership rules. Most of us are not in this club (snip) Washington D.C. has always been a club, with decorum and strict membership rules. Most of us are not in this club (snip) Their noses are out of joint since Trump, neither as a candidate nor as president, sought their advice or guidance. In fact, he ignored them. They tried to defeat him in 2016 but Republican voters ignored them just as they are doing now. And they can’t stand it.

Dems have just handed court-packing
as a big election issue for the GOP 10 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/20/2020 9:11:33 AM Post Reply

The dimmer bulbs in the Dem chandelier are openly stating their intention to pack the Supreme Court should the party win the Senate and the Oval Office. This hands an opportunity to every GOP candidate for the Senate (incumbent or challenger) to put his or her opponent on the spot, and demand a public commitment to either reject or endorse the announced plan to expand the number of seats on the court and appoint an ironclad progressive majority. (snip) Either they repudiate the scheme or they risk losing.

The NFL gets woke and goes broke 22 replies

Posted by Magnante 9/20/2020 9:07:50 AM Post Reply

On several occasions, a black person committed a crime, a police officer tried to arrest him, the suspect resisted arrest, and the officer was forced to kill him. This suggests to me that I should not break the law and not resist arrest. (snip) Since the first kneeling by Colin Kaepernick in 2016, attendance and television ratings have gone down. In our first COVID-19 season, there are virtually no fans at the stadium. This decline will affect income. The players will find that there is not enough money to support their large salaries. They will be forced to take smaller contracts.


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