Brace for Democratsto knock Catholics, again

Brace for Democrats
to knock Catholics, again 3 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/23/2020 4:56:14 AM Post Reply

How much do Democrats hate Roman Catholics? We’re about to find out, once President Trump nominates, most likely, Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court. No surprises here — the Democrats have a long, sordid history of anti-Catholicism. And Judge Barrett understands the Democrats’ rabid bigotry first-hand, from her first Senate confirmation hearing in 2017, when she was confronted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the now 87-year-old Democrat doyenne. “When you read your speeches,” Feinstein told her, “the conclusion one draws is that the Dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s a concern.” Imagine Feinstein saying that to a Muslim. You can’t.

The 1619 Project is a fraud 0 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/23/2020 4:51:44 AM Post Reply

New York Times Magazine staffer Nikole Hannah-Jones accused me once of rank jealousy. She said my criticism for her flawed 1619 Project stems from the fact that, unlike her, I do not “have good ideas and the talent to execute them.” We apparently have different understandings of what constitutes a “good idea” and “talent.” New York Times Magazine editors have quietly removed controversial language from the online version of Hannah-Jones’s 1619 Project, a package of essays that argue chattel slavery defines America’s founding.

Notre Dame cathedral update: Carpenters
wow public with medieval techniques 1 reply

Posted by Pluperfect 9/23/2020 4:46:57 AM Post Reply

With precision and boundless energy, a team of carpenters used medieval techniques to raise up — by hand — a three-ton oak truss Saturday in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, a replica of the wooden structures that were consumed in the landmark’s devastating April 2019 fire that also toppled its spire. The demonstration to mark European Heritage Days gave the hundreds of people a first-hand look at the rustic methods used 800 years ago to build the triangular frames in the nave of Notre Dame de Paris.

This Obama-Biden Administration
Failure Killed More Americans
(and Veterans!) Than COVID-19 0 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/23/2020 4:43:49 AM Post Reply

Joe Biden has been politicizing the deaths of Americans from COVID for months, and today, when the official tally passed 200,000 American deaths, Biden pounced on the news. “Trump panicked. The virus was too big for him,” Biden claimed without evidence. “He just wasn’t up to it. He froze, he failed to act, he panicked. And America has paid the worst price of any nation in the world.” This is, of course, not true. Not only did the Trump administration respond early and aggressively, but America has not “paid the worst price of any nation in the world” in deaths per capita.

Our “Non-Partisan” Media At Work 0 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/23/2020 4:40:26 AM Post Reply

Trump hasn’t even named his pick to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, and already the media is stepping up to fulfill its role as the propaganda adjunct for the Democratic Party and its leftward-most pressure groups. • Like this NBC “News” story: “Critics” say! Which critics? I’m surprised they don’t say “experts” just to give it that special CDC glow. I wonder what Anthony Fauci thinks? How long until the CDC declares that Ginsburg-Grief is a serious health threat that can only be cured if Trump appoints Nina Totenberg to the Supreme Court?

Re the Court: Are You Kidding Me? 8 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:49:15 AM Post Reply

Two of the hoariest cliches in the American-politics business are the work of a turn-of-the-20th-century Chicago newspaper columnist named Finley Peter Dunne, who wrote in the voice of an Irish bartender named Mr. Dooley. They are 1) “The Supreme Court follows th’ illiction returns” and 2) “politics ain’t beanbag.” (Fun fact: Pat Moynihan, himself quite the Irish-American aphorist, had a beloved dog named Mr. Dooley.) Keep them in mind as you consider the madness that has gripped the commentariat and the elites when it comes to the question of the now-open Supreme Court seat long occupied by the remarkable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may her memory be a blessing.

The Riot Party 2 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:40:37 AM Post Reply

America’s present crisis is driven in large part by the Left’s rejection of the rule of law. Those in charge of the riots are not merely blackmailing their fellow citizens on particular issues like defunding the police. Rather, they seek to overthrow the electoral process itself. Twenty-five years ago, when O.J. Simpson was on trial for murder, there was much speculation about whether there would be race riots in the event of a conviction. I wrote an article in National Review West, a supplement to National Review produced by the Claremont Institute. The title was “Riots and Politics.” Today, it seems prophetic. I raised the question—not altogether facetiously—why there was no speculation

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court shortlist:
White people need not apply 22 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:33:44 AM Post Reply

The United States is a diverse nation, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting our government to include people from all walks of life and perspectives. But in fashion sadly typical for today’s Democratic Party, Joe Biden just responded to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with an extreme invocation of identity politics. His regressive approach to filling her seat sabotages true diversity and progress. Biden has explicitly made it clear that white women and men of all races need not apply for his Supreme Court shortlist. “I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court,” he said

Let the Winning Continue! 1 reply

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:25:01 AM Post Reply

Trump famously boasted in 2016 that there’d be so much winning that we’d get tired of all the winning. The last week has seen so much winning that not even the most extravagant NFL end zone celebration can express it. First, last Thursday, Constitution Day, Trump took direct aim at the pernicious 1619 Project, and announced his plan to have a 1776 Commission to confront the 1619 Project directly. The left naturally freaked out, but amazingly the NY Times is suddenly backtracking from a few of the more egregious claims the 1619 Project contained. (More on this in a separate post.) Then on Friday we got Secretary Betsy DeVos’s letter to Princeton

Louisville federal buildings close,
police declare emergency in advance
of Breonna Taylor announcement 9 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:20:21 AM Post Reply

Louisville police declared a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of an announcement in the Breonna Taylor case (Snip for tweet) Earlier in the day the department canceled all days off with the exception of vacation that had been previously approved. The DA’s office isn’t commenting on what is happening but the belief is that the case is being presented to a grand jury today, meaning a decision on whether to charge officers involved in the shooting could be announced any day now. In addition to putting the police on alert, federal buildings in the city have been closed for the week.

Democrats answer to anything they
dislike is increasingly ‘burn it all down’ 6 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 4:02:31 AM Post Reply

Constitutional revolution is going mainstream. After delivering lectures about political norms for the entirety of the Trump era (often with good cause), much of the left is now threatening to kneecap an important institution of American government on a partisan vote in an act of ideological vengeance. If the Republican Senate confirms a Trump appointee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat right before or after the election, progressives say Democrats, if they sweep in November, should retaliate by packing the high court.

Second wounded Los Angeles deputy
released from hospital after ambush attack 7 replies

Posted by Pluperfect 9/22/2020 3:56:52 AM Post Reply

A woman who was one of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies wounded in an ambush attack that shocked the law enforcement community was released from the hospital Monday, officials said. Her partner, a 24-year-old man, was released Sept. 16. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that both have a “long road to recovery.” “Great News… both of our Deputies from the #ComptonAmbush have been discharged from the hospital and are resting,” the department wrote. “They both have a long road to recovery and #LASD appreciates your continued prayers and all the support. #LASDStrong.”


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