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Orlando-based SeaWorld, the latest park chain to see the benefits of year-round operations, removes off-season for San Antonio park

click to enlarge Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio - PHOTO VIA SEAWORLD SAN ANTONIO

  • Photo via SeaWorld San Antonio
  • Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio

In recent years it looked like SeaWorld would finally turn the corner on its long, trouble-filled path to recovery, but then the pandemic hit and, like every other theme park, the company was forced to shut down for months. Now, as the Orlando-based theme park chain looks to recoup some of its lost revenue, they’re copying a recent strategy that has proven successful for competitors Six Flags and Cedar Fair.

Starting next year, SeaWorld San Antonio will be open year-round. SeaWorld already operates its two Florida theme parks and SeaWorld San Diego on a year-round schedule...

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Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala
Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail 4 replies

Posted by Garnet 8/31/2020 3:20:54 PM Post Reply

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a problem. They know it, the media knows it, everyone knows it. For three months they have ignored the deadly rioting that spread across the nation’s cities on both coasts and in between. They insisted that what we were seeing was “mostly peaceful” protests and that Donald Trump and his evil allies were defaming decent Americans who just want social justice. Now they want to denounce these riots, but there is a problem:Harris is a financial supporter of the rioters she now claims to denounce.

Joe Biden’s statement on the
violence and riots is
way too...
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City reminds drivers on traffic safety as students prepare to return to school

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“Folks who are not obeying the law in playground zones where there’s automated enforcement locations will receive a ticket,” Lamarre said.

Another step parents can take to follow traffic safety is to watch where they park when picking up or dropping off students, according to Troy Courtoreille, coordinator of parking enforcement service’s with the City of Edmonton.

“Parents that have parked too close to crosswalks, too close to intersections, or stop in the middle of the road to either let their child out or pick their child up can cause serious safety issues,” Courtoreille said. “Illegal parking also causes congestion and visual obstructions, making it hard for drivers to see pedestrians, including children crossing the street.”

Courtoreille sai...

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SeaWorld to bring back Spooktacular and Christmas Celebration events, though with limited capacity


  • Photo courtesy SeaWorld

Orlando theme park SeaWorld on Monday unveiled revamped versions of seasonal favorites set for this fall.

SeaWorld is bringing back the annual Spooktacular and Christmas Celebration, and both special events will be included in the price of park admission, though with limited capacity and safety measures in place.

SeaWorld kicks off the SeaWorld Spooktacular on Sept. 19. Running through Nov. 1, the daytime (awwwww, man) event promises a “slightly spooky trick or treat trail” and socially distanced meet-and-greets with “silly Halloween characters.” With Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party canceled, this is the only Halloween game in town for Orlando’s all-ages theme park lovers.

And looking ahead, on Nov...

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Slave-owner’s name taken offColumbia University dorm

Slave-owner’s name taken off
Columbia University dorm 1 reply

Posted by Ribicon 8/31/2020 2:23:43 PM Post Reply

Columbia University has removed the name of the founder of its medical school, who also served as George Washington’s doctor, from a campus dormitory because he was a slave owner. Samuel Bard, the founder of what is now Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, was a pioneer in obstetrics and the treatment of diphtheria, but also owned several slaves and once advertised promising a reward for the return of one who had run away. Bard Hall, which opened in 1931, is a dormitory for clinical students...

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Physical-distancing rule in Alberta classrooms removed in weekend order signed by Hinshaw

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The weekend order does not change the province’s mask mandate, which requires all students in Grades 4 to 12 to wear masks in shared and common areas including hallways and school buses as well as classrooms when teachers and students are working closely together. Staff are required to wear masks in all settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

There are exceptions to the rule, for example if a student is unable to wear a mask due to physical or mental limitations, or if they are separated by a physical barrier.

When the mask mandate was announced in early August, Hinshaw said masks are optional if teachers are at the front of the classroom and students are sitting quietly at their desks, not facing each other and are “as far apart as possible” ...

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Publix is removing one-way aisles from locations as local ordinances change


  • Photo courtesy Publix/Facebook

Lakeland-based grocery giant Publix announced that it has removed one-way aisle signage from some of the chain’s locations because local ordinances no longer require it.

As of now, only Publix stores not under local ordinance will be affected, says the company, who reiterated that many safety measures will still be in place (like masks and plexiglass barriers).

News of the decision came over the weekend, and Publix defended the move by arguing that one-way aisles are no longer necessary because “we’ve adopted it into our routines.”

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Cultural Suicide Is Painless

Cultural Suicide Is Painless 4 replies

Posted by earlybird 8/31/2020 12:57:52 PM Post Reply

In February, New York was the world’s most dynamic metropolis. By August, the city was more like the ruins of Ephesus. It is not all that hard to blow up a culture. You can do it in a summer if you haven’t much worry about others. When you loot and burn a Target in an hour, it takes months to realize there are no more neighborhood Target-stocked groceries, toilet paper, and Advil to buy this winter. You can in a night assault the police, spit at them, hope to infect them with the coronavirus, and even burn them alive. But when you call 911 in a few weeks after your car is

Corporate Media Didn’t Report W...
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Edmonton Oilers make small and smart bet on useful checking winger Patrick Russell

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-4. Russell’s performance that year was enough to get him some cred in the Oilers organization. This past season in training camp, he earned a spot by showing himself to be a fully trustworthy defensive hockey players — and coach Dave Tippett likes that kind of player. Russell did nothing on defence all year to diminish the coach’s trust in him. He gave fanatical effort every shift, went up and down his wing in swift and aggressive fashion, stayed on the right side of his check at almost all times, and chipped in on the odd scoring chances. His underlying numbers on Grade A scoring chances were middle of the pack for Oilers wingers.

-5. Russell chipped on the lowest number of goals per game of any Oilers winger not named Markus Granlund, making a major con...

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Busch Gardens will bring back Bier Fest in September with new safety measures


  • Photo courtesy Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay announced on Monday morning that its annual Bier Fest will return, but with significantly less crowds.

Beginning every Saturday and Sunday from Sept. 12-Nov. 15, guests can explore 16 Bier Fest cabins spread out across Busch Gardens’ open-air festival, which will include limited-capacity, modified food and beverage serving procedures and contact-free transaction options, says the theme park.

The festival, now in its third year, will also highlight a menu of new beer-inspired dishes, like Mojo-roasted heritage pork pub chip nachos, Sam Adams OctoberFest braised short ribs and New England IPA drunken shrimp tacos, Yuengling’s Black & Tan chocolate cupcakes, and Mojo roasted heritage pork pub chip nachos and loaded ...

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